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sāmavaśamfn. serving for or caused by the equality of the metre View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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sāmavaśaname of a Samdhi or euphonic change of the type of the vowels अ, इ and उ being lengthened in some specified cases chiefly for the sake of music ( साम ) or metre. This lengthening is given the name प्लुति in the Rk Pratisakhya: confer, compare दीर्ध ह्रस्वो व्यञ्जनेन्यस्त्वृकाराद् यथादिष्टं सामवशः स सन्धिः | Ṛgvedaprātiśākhya by Śaunaka ( Sanskrit Sāhityapariṣad Edition, Calcutta.)VII.1.

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