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praskaṇvam. Name of a Vedic ṛṣi- with the patronymic kāṇva- (author of ; according to grandson of kaṇva-) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
praskaṇvam. plural the descendants of praskaṇva- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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praskaṇva m. N. of a Vedic Rishi: pl. descendants of Praskanva; -skandana, a. leaping forward, attacking, ep. of Siva; suf fering from diarrh&oe;a; n. bounding over or across (--°ree;); aperient; -skandin, a. leaping into (--°ree;); -skanna, pp. √ skand; -skunda, m. support or (according to a commentator) circular altar; -skhalana, n. stumbling, stag gering.
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praskaṇva Is the name of a Rsi who is credited by the Anukramam (Index) with the authorship of certain hymns of the Rigveda, where he is mentioned several times. The statement in the śāñkhāyana śrauta Sūtra that he obtained bounty from Ppsadhra Medhya Mātariśvan is apparently a blunder.
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praskaṇvasya pratirann āyur jīvase RV.1.44.6c.
praskaṇvasya śrudhī havam RV.1.45.3d; N.3.17d.
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praskaṇva noun (masculine) name of a Vedic Ṛṣi with the patr. Kāṇva (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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vaidikaḥ ṛṣiviśeṣaḥ।

praskaṇvasya varṇanaṃ ṛgvede asti।

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