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pedum. ( pad-?) Name of a man (under the especial protection of the aśvin-s, by whom he was presented with a white horse that killed serpents) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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prasavaḥ प्रसवः 1 Begetting, generation, procreation, birth, production; प्रसवविकारो स्त्रीणां द्वित्रिचतुःप्रभृति संप्रसूतौ वा । हीनातिरिक्तकाले च देशकुलसंक्षयो भवति Bṛi. S. -2 Child-birth, delivery, confinement; an in आसन्नप्रसवा. -3 Offspring, progeny, young ones, children; oft. at the end of comp.; केवलं वीरप्रसवा भूयाः U.1; Ku.7.87. -4 Source, origin, brith-place (fig. also); प्रसवः कर्मफलस्य भूरिणः Ki.2.43. -5 Flower, blossom; प्रसवविभूतिषु भूरुहां विरक्तः Śi.7.42; नीता लोध्रप्रसवरजसा पाण्डुतामानने श्रीः Me.67; कुन्दप्रसवशिथिलं जीवितम् 113; R.9.28; Ku.1.55;4.14; Ś.5.9; Māl.9.27.31; U.2.2. -6 A fruit, product; यज्ञप्रसववर्जिताः Mb.12.18.46. -7 Ved. Extracting Soma juice; अपुत्रः प्रसवेनार्थी वनवासमुपावसत् Mb.13.4.6. -7 Setting in motion. -9 A current, stream. -1 Excitement, animation. -11 Enjoining, ordering. -12 Assistance, help. -13 pursuit, acquisition. -Comp. -उन्मुखः a. about to be delivered or confined; पतिः प्रतीतः प्रसवोन्मुखीं प्रियां ददर्श R.3.12. -कालः the time of delivery or bringing forth. -गृहम् a lying-in-chamber. -धर्मिन् a. productive, prolific. -बन्धनम् the foot-stalk of a leaf or flower, peduncle. -वेदना, -व्यथा pangs of child-birth, throes. -स्थली a mother. -सथानम् 1 a place for delivery. -2 a nest.
bandhana बन्धन a. 1 Binding, fettering. -2 Checking, stopping. -3 (At the end of comp.) Dependent upon; cf. निबन्धन. -नम् [बन्ध्-भावे-ल्युट्] 1 The act of binding, fastening; tying; स्मरसि स्मर मेखलागुणैरुत गोत्रस्खलितेषु बन्धनम् Ku.4.8. -2 Binding on or round, throwing round, clasping; विनम्रशाखाभुजबन्धनानि Ku.3.39; Pt.5.21; घटय भुजबन्धनम् Gīt.1; R.19.17. -3 A bond, tie (fig. also); R.12.76; आशाबन्धनम् &c. -4 Fettering, chaining, confining. गजभुजङ्गमयोरपि बन्धनम् Bh.2.91. -5 A chain, fetter, tether, halter &c. -6 Capturing, catching. -7 Bondage confinement, imprisonment, captivity; as in बन्धनागार. -8 A place of confinement, prison, jail; वसुदेवस्य देवक्यां जातो भोजेन्द्रबन्धने Bhāg.3.2.25; त्वां कारयामि कमलोदरबन्धनस्थम् Ś.6.2; द्विगुणं त्रिगुणं पश्चाद्यावज्जीवं तु बन्धनम् Śukra.4.8; Ms.9.288. -9 Forming, building, construction; सेतुबन्धनम् Ku.4.6. -1 Connecting, uniting, joining. -11 Hurting, injuring. -12 A stalk, stem, peduncle (of a flower); कृतं न कर्णार्पितबन्धनं सखे Ś.6.18.; U.2.9; Ku.4.14. -13 A sinew, muscle; संधिन्नसंधिः प्रविकीर्णबन्धनो हतः क्षितौ वायुसुतेन राक्षसः Rām.5. 47.36;5.24.4. -14 A bandage. -15 A bar, barrier. -16 Alloyage, mixing. -17 An embankment, a bridge. -18 A conjunction, connection. -19 (In phil.) Mundane bondage (opp. to liberation). -नम्, -नी 1 A bond, tie. -2 A rope, cord. -3 A string, thread. -4 A chain, fetter. -5 A bondage. -Comp. -अ(आ)गारः, -रम्, -आलयः a prison, jail. -ग्रन्थिः 1 the knot of a bandage. -2 a noose. -3 a rope for tying cattle. -पालकः, -रक्षिन् m. a jailor. -वेश्मन् n. a prison. -स्थः a captive, prisoner. -स्तम्भः a tying-post, a post to which an animal (e. g. an elephant) is tied. -स्थानम् a stable, stall (for horses &c.).
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pedu is the name in the Rigveda of a protágǒ of the Aśvins, who gave him, in order, as it seems, to replace- a bad steed, a mythical horse, hence called Paidva, which probably repre­sents the horse of the sun.
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pedubhaṭṭaa grammarian.who has written a treatise named औणादिकपदार्णव on the Unadi sutras.
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Plant Himalayan rhubarb; Garcinia pedunculata; Rumex vesicarius; vinegar. Solena amplexicaulis a substitute. Garcinia pedunculata tree is also considered amlavetasa. Rheum emodi is used as another substitute. not yet identified.

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