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pavamānamfn. being purified or strained, flowing clear (as soma-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pavamānam. wind or the god of wind View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pavamānam. Name of a particular agni- (associated with pāvaka- and śuci- and also regarded as a son of agni- by svāhā- or of antar-dhāna- and by śikhaṇḍinī-)
pavamānam. Name of particular stotra-s sung by the sāma-ga- at the jyotiṣṭoma- sacrifice (they are called successively at the 3 savana-s bahiṣpavamāna-, mādhyaṃdina-and tṛtīya-or ārbhava-) (see ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pavamānam. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pavamānam. Name of a prince and the varṣa- in śāka-dvīpa- ruled by him View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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pavamāna pr. pt. √ pû; m. wind; god of wind; N. of a certain Agni or of a son of Agni; N. of certain stotras sung by the Sâmagas at the Gyotishtoma sacrifice: -vat, a. accompanied by the Pavamâna stotra; -sakha, m. (friend of the wind), fire; -½uktha, n. series of verses in the midday Pavamâna.
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pavamāna Is a term very frequently applied in the Rigveda to the Soma ‘purifying itself’ by running through the sieve. Later it appears in a few passages1 in the sense of ‘ wind ’ (as a. purifier).
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pavamāna indro vṛṣā RV.9.5.7c.
pavamāna ṛtaḥ kaviḥ RV.9.62.30a.
pavamāna ṛtaṃ bṛhat RV.9.66.24a.
pavamāna ṛtāyubhiḥ RV.9.3.3b; SV.2.610b.
pavamāna ṛtubhiḥ kave RV.9.66.3c.
pavamāna kanikradat RV.9.13.8b. See pavamānaḥ etc.
pavamāna girāvṛdham RV.9.26.6b.
pavamāna jahī mṛdhaḥ RV.9.61.26b; SV.2.564b.
pavamāna dhiyā hitaḥ RV.9.25.2a; SV.2.271a; JB.3.66.
pavamāna ni tośase RV.9.63.23a; SV.2.586a; JB.3.222a.
pavamāna pavase dhāma gonām RV.9.97.31c; SV.1.534c.
pavamāna bādhase soma śatrūn RV.9.94.5d.
pavamāna mahitvanā RV.9.100.9d; SV.2.368d.
pavamāna mahi śravaḥ RV.9.4.1b; 9.9a; 100.8a; SV.2.397b; JB.2.10.
pavamāna mahy arṇo vi dhāvasi RV.9.86.34a.
pavamāna rayiṃ pṛthum RV.9.35.1b.
pavamāna rasas tava RV.9.61.18a; SV.2.240a; JB.3.60.
pavamāna rucā-rucā RV.9.65.2a; SV.2.255a; JB.3.61.
pavamāna vi taj jahi RV.9.67.21c.
pavamāna vidā rayim RV.9.19.6c; 43.4a; 63.11a; SV.2.111c.
pavamāna vidharmaṇi RV.9.4.9b; 64.9b; 100.7d; SV.2.310b,405b; JB.3.85b. See pavamānā vi-.
pavamāna vi rocaya RV.9.36.3b.
pavamāna vṛṣabha tā vi dhāvasi RV.9.86.38b; SV.2.306b; JB.3.84.
pavamāna vy aśnuhi SV.2.662a; JB.3.245. See pavamāno vy.
pavamāna śravāyyam RV.9.101.9b; SV.2.170b.
pavamāna saṃtanim etc. see pavamānaḥ etc.
pavamāna suvīryam RV.9.11.9a; SV.2.799a.
pavamāna stṛṇan hariḥ RV.9.5.4b.
pavamāna svardṛśam RV.9.65.11b; SV.1.480c; 2.134c,154b. See next but one.
pavamāna svar vidaḥ RV.9.59.4a.
pavamāna svādhyaḥ RV.9.65.4c. See prec. but one.
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pavamāna noun (masculine) name of a particular Agni (associated with Pāvaka and Śuci and also regarded as a son of Agni by Svāhā or of Antardhāna and by Śikhaṇḍinī) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
name of a prince and the Varsha in Śākadvīpa ruled by him (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
name of a work (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
name of particular Stotras sung by the Sāmaga at the Jyotiṣṭoma sacrifice (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
wind or the god of wind (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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