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naimiṣa: masculine vocative singular stem: naimiṣa
naimiṣa: neuter vocative singular stem: naimiṣa
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naimiṣamf(ī-)n. momentary, transient View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
naimiṣan. Name of a forest and a sacred tīrtha- (where sauti- related the ,and so called because in it an army of asura-s was destroyed in a twinkling) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
naimiṣam. plural the inhabitants of the naimiṣa- wood View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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naimiṣa नैमिष a. (-षी f.) Lasting for a 'nimiṣa' or twinkling, momentary, transient. -षम् N. of a sacred forest celebrated as the residence of certain sages to whom Sauti related the Mahābhārata; शिश्रिये श्रुतवतामपश्चिमः पश्चिमे वयसि नैमिषं वशी R.19.1; (the name is thus derived:-- यतस्तु निमिषेणेदं निहतं दानवं बलम् । अरण्ये$स्मिंस्ततस्तेन नैमिषारण्यसंज्ञितम् ॥). नैमिषीयः naimiṣīyḥ नैमिषेयः naimiṣēyḥ नैमिषीयः नैमिषेयः An inhabitant of the forest, called Naimiṣa; सह नैमिषीयाणामुद्गाता बभूव Ch. Up.1.2.13.
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naimiṣa n. N. of a sacred forest: î-ya, a. relating to the Naimisha forest; m. pl. inhabitants of the Naimisha forest.
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naimiṣa noun (neuter) name of a forest and a sacred Tirtha (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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