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nāthya: Gerund (-ya)nāth
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√नाथ्nāthasking / yācñā850/2Cl.1
√नाथ्nāthheating / upatāpa198/3Cl.1
√नाथ्nāthhaving power / aiśvarya234/3Cl.1
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nāth cl.1 A1. () n/āthate- etc. (ti- ; perfect tense nanātha-; Aorist anāthīt-; future nāthiṣyati-,or nāthitā- grammar; infinitive mood nāthitum- ; ind.p. -nāthya- ) to seek aid, approach with prayers or requests (locative case) ; to ask, solicit, beg for (genitive case of thing ; confer, compare ; dative case of thing ;with 2 accusative ) ; to have power, be master : Causal nāthayati-, to cause a person to ask for anything id est to grant a request (accusative) (Bombay edition) [ confer, compare nādh-; Gothic nithan,Old Saxon gina1tha,nASa; HGerm.gena1de,gnade.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nāthto harass, destroy, View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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nāth नाथ् 1 P. (नाथति, but sometimes Ā. also) 1 To ask, beg, solicit for anything (with dat. or two acc.); मोक्षाय नाथते मुनिः Vop.; नाथसे किमु पतिं न भूभृतः Ki.13.59; संतुष्ट- मिष्टानि तमिष्टदेवं नाथन्ति के नाम न लोकनाथम् N.3.25; वनं न यायादिति नाथमानः Bu. Ch.2.54. -2 To have power, be master, prevail. -3 To harass, trouble. -4 To bless, wish well to, give blessings to; (said to be Ātm. only in this sense); धृत्या नाथस्व वैदेहि... Bk.8.12; नाथितशमे Mv.1.11; (Mammaṭa quotes the line दीनं त्वामनुनाथते कुचयुगं पत्रावृतं मा कृथाः to show that नाथ् here only means 'to ask or beg', and says that नाथते should, therefore, be नाथति); सर्पिषो नाथते Sk.
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nāth noun (masculine) [gramm.] the verb nāth
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