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mṛgayām: feminine accusative singular stem: mṛgayā
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mṛgayām for huntingSB 9.1.23-24
mṛgayām huntingSB 4.26.26
SB 4.26.4
SB 9.18.18
mṛgayām hunting excursionSB 1.18.24-25
mṛgayām in huntingSB 9.9.20-21
mṛgayām on a hunting expeditionSB 10.69.35
mṛgayām while huntingSB 9.15.23
mṛgayām while hunting in the forestSB 9.21.36
mṛgayām yātaḥ when he went huntingSB 9.20.7
mṛgayām yātaḥ when he went huntingSB 9.20.7
mṛgayāmahe we seek outMM 17
mṛgayāmi I am searching afterSB 4.8.23

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