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māṇḍūkeya: masculine vocative singular stem: māṇḍūkeya
māṇḍūkeya: neuter vocative singular stem: māṇḍūkeya
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māṇḍūkeyam. patronymic of a teacher (plural his descendants) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
māṇḍūkeyan. the doctrine of māṇḍūkeya- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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māṇḍūkeya ‘Descendant of Māndūka,’ is the patronymic of several teachers in the Rigveda Áranyakas—viz., śūravīra, Hrasva, Dīrgha, Madhyama Prātībodhīputra. The Māṇ- dūkeyas also occur as a school in the Araṇyakas: a special form of the text of the Rigveda evidently appertained: to them.®
hrasva māṇḍūkeya (‘Descendant of Maṇdūka’) is the name of a teacher in the Aitareya Araṇyaka.
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māṇḍūkeyaname of an ancient writer of a Pratisakhya work referred to in the Rk Pratisakhya, confer, compare R.Pr.I.2. मातृकावर्ण letters of the alphabet. See अक्षरसमाम्नाय.
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māṇḍūkeyam to MāṇḍūkeyaSB 12.6.54-56

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