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        Root WordIAST MeaningMonier Williams PageClass
√लेट्leṭdeceiving / dhaurtya520/3Cl.11
√लेट्leṭbeing first / pūrvabhāva644/1Cl.11
√लेट्leṭsleeping / 1080/3Cl.11
√लेट्leṭshining / dīpti481/3Cl.11
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leṭ(in gram.) Name of the terminations of the Vedic Subjunctive Mood or Name of that Mood itself. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
leṭam. Name of a particular mixed caste View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
leṭyaor loṭya- Nom. P. yati-, to deceive ; to be first ; to sleep ; to shine gaRa kaṇḍv-ādi- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
mleṭ (see mreṭ-) cl.1 P. mleṭati-, to be mad (according to to also mleḍ-, mleḍati-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
upaleṭa View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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leṭ लेट् A technical term used by Pāṇini to denote the Vedic Subjunctive Mood or its terminations.
leṭyati लेट्यति Den P. 1 To deceive, cheat. -2 To be first. -3 To sleep. -4 To shine.
mleṭ म्लेट् म्लेड् *** (म्लेट-ड-ति) To be mad.
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leṭa general term for the affixes of the Vedic subjunctive, the usual personal-endings ति, तस् et cetera, and others being substituted for लेट् as in the case of other tenses and moods. The augments अट् and आट् are sometimes prefixed to the लेट् affix and the sign ( विकरण ) स् ( सिप् ) is sometimes added to the roots. The forms of लेट् are to be arrived at as they are found actually used in Vedic language, even by placing personal-endings of a person or number different from what is actually requiredition
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leṭ noun (masculine) [gramm.] subjunctive
Frequency rank 38925/72933
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mugdagodhūmādīnāṃ sāmbugāḍhaṃ cūrṇaṃ hastena vimardayitvā vaṭakākāraṃ vidhāya nirdhūme agnau pacyamānaḥ puṣṭaḥ roṭikāviśeṣaḥ।

kṛṣakaḥ tiktikayā saha leṭīṃ khādati।



yavanadeśastha prācīnaḥ dārśanikaḥ।

pleṭomahodayaḥ arīsṭāṭalamahodayasya guruḥ asti।


ślakṣṇaśilā, tanuśilā, ślakṣṇaśilāphalakaḥ, śleṭsaṃjñakaḥ   

ślakṣṇaśilādibhiḥ vinirmitaṃ phalakam।

bālakaḥ ślakṣṇaśilāyāṃ likhati।



mālṭādeśasya rājadhānī।

vaileṭānagaraṃ mālṭādeśasya īśānadiśi vartate।



amerikādeśe paścimakṣetre vartamānā nadī।

pleṭanadī prāyaḥ pañcaśata kilomīṭaraparimāṇaṃ paritaḥ gacchati।

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