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kalyāṇyādim. a gaRa of View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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kalyāṇyā yathā smitam AVP.2.70.1c.
kalyāṇyaḥ smayamānāso agnim RV.4.58.8b; AVP.8.13.8b; VS.17.96b; KS.40.7b; Apś.17.18.1b; N.7.17b.
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kalyāṇyādia class of words headed by the word कल्याणी to which the taddhita affix एय (ढक्) is added, in the sense of 'offspring' and, side by side, the ending इन् (इनड्) is substituted for the last letter of those words; e. g. काल्याणिनेयः, सौभागिनेयः confer, compare Kāś. on P.IV. 1.126.
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