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√घुष्ghuṣnot proclaiming, not sounding / a-viśabdana989/3Cl.1
√घुष्ghuṣsounding, crying or proclaiming aloud / viśabdana989/1Cl.10
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ghuṣ cl.1 P. ghoṣati- (rarely A1. te- ; subjunctive gh/oṣāt-; perfect tense jughoṣa- ;3. plural jughuṣur- ; Aorist A1. gh/oṣi-) A1. to sound ; P. to cry or proclaim aloud, call out, announce publicly, declare etc.: Causal ghoṣayati- (subj. 2. sg. ṣ/ayas-), to call to, invite ; to cause to proclaim aloud ; to proclaim aloud View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ghuṣ cl.1 P. ghoṣati-, to kill View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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ghuṣ घुष् I. 1 P., 1 U. (घोषति, घोषयति-ते, घोषित, घुष्ट or घोषित) 1 To sound, make any sound or noise. -2 To cry or proclaim aloud, announce or declare publicly; स स पापादृते तासां दुष्यन्त इति घुष्यताम् Ś.6.22; घोषयतु मन्मथ- निर्देशम् Gīt.1; इति घोषयतीव डिण्डिमः करिणो हस्तिपकाहतः क्वणन् H.2.84; R.9.1; Mk.1.12. -3 To praise. -4 To fill with cries, make resonant. -II. 1 Ā. (घुषते) To be beautiful or brilliant.
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ghuṣ verb (class 1 ātmanepada) to call
Frequency rank 11625/72933

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