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gaṇayya: Gerund (-ya)gaṇ
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gaṇayya considering high and lowSB 3.24.29
avigaṇayya neglectingSB 4.29.53
avigaṇayya without consideringSB 4.29.54
avigaṇayya not taking seriouslySB 10.60.42
avigaṇayya disregardingSB 10.73.12-13
avigaṇayya disregardingSB 10.87.27
na vigaṇayya disregardingSB 10.60.55
vigaṇayya having paid little heed toSB 3.18.1
vigaṇayya taking no notice ofSB 4.7.15
na vigaṇayya disregardingSB 10.60.55

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