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duḥkhakaramf(ī-)n. causing pain to (genitive case), afflicting View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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duḥkhakara a. afflicting (g.); -gata, n. adversity, misfortune; -graha, a. hard to comprehend; -kkhedya, fp. hard to destroy; -gîvin, a. living in distress; -tara, cpv. more unpleasant or distressing; n.greater affliction, hardship, or evil; -tâ, f. discomfort, distress, affliction; -duhkha, n. in. with great difficulty; -prâya, a. abounding in woe; -bhâgin, a. having misfortune for one's lot, unfortunate; -bhâg, a. id.

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