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drāṃ indeclinable a kind of bīja
Frequency rank 15780/72933
rudrāṃśa noun (masculine) rudrabhāga
Frequency rank 38780/72933
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candrakiraṇaḥ, candrapādaḥ, śaśipādaḥ, candraraśmiḥ, śaśikiraṇaḥ, śaśikaraḥ, śaśimayūkhaḥ, aṃśuḥ, somāṃśuḥ, candrāṃśuḥ, candrikā, candramarīciḥ, pūrṇānakam   

candrasya kiraṇaḥ।

candakiraṇaiḥ sarovaraḥ śobhate।

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