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divyakriyāf. the application of an ordeal View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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divyakriyā f. employment of an ordeal; -kakshus, n. divine eye transcend ing time and space; a. having a divine eye, for (--°ree;); -gñâna, a. possessed of divine knowledge; -tâ, f. divine nature; -darsin, -dris, a. having a divine eye transcending time and space; -nadî, f. celestial river; -nârî, f. celestial woman, Apsaras; -purusha, m. demi-god, spirit; -pragñâna-sâlin, a. possessed of divine knowledge; -mânusha,m. demi-god; -rûpa, a. having a divine form; -vi gñâna-vat, a. possessed of divine knowledge; -samkâsa, a. resembling or reminding of heaven; -strî, f. divine woman, Apsaras.

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