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dhīmahi: first person plural tense paradigm benedictive class ātmanepadadhā
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dhīmahi do meditate upon RimSB 2.5.12
dhīmahi I do meditate uponSB 1.1.1
dhīmahi I meditateSB 12.13.19
dhīmahi let me meditate uponSB 6.16.18-19
dhīmahi let us chantSB 1.5.37
dhīmahi let us considerSB 3.15.34
dhīmahi let us meditate uponCC Madhya 20.359
CC Madhya 25.148
CC Madhya 8.266
dhīmahi we always offerSB 6.5.27-28
dhīmahi we meditate (the end of the Gāyatrī mantra)CC Madhya 25.147
abhidhīmahi let us meditateSB 5.23.8
abhidhīmahi let me meditate upon HimSB 8.3.2
adhīmahi we have assimilatedSB 12.7.7
dadhīmahi we placeSB 10.31.19
dadhīmahi we placeCC Adi 4.173
dadhīmahi we placeCC Madhya 8.219
dadhīmahi we placeCC Madhya 18.65
dadhīmahi we placeCC Antya 7.40
samabhidhīmahi I meditate with full attentionSB 12.6.68
śraddadhīmahi can place faithSB 10.88.32

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