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cocam: neuter nominative singular stem: coca
cocam: neuter accusative singular stem: coca
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tvakpatramNeuterSingulartvacam, cocam, varāṅgakam, utkaṭam, bhṛṅgam
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cocam चोचम् 1 A bark, rind. -2 Skin, hide. -3 The cocoa-nut. -4 The uneatable part of a fruit. -5 The fruit of the fan-palm. -6 A plantain.
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cocam, cocakam, mukhaśodhanam, rāmavallabham   

kāmavallabhasya sugandhitvak yā auṣadharūpeṇa upaskararūpeṇa ca upayujyate।

mātā upaskarayukte odane cocasya yojanaṃ vismṛtavatī।

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