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brāhmaṇācchaṃsin: masculine vocative singular stem: brāhmaṇācchaṃsin
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ब्राह्मणाच्छंसिन्m. (fr. ṇāt-śaṃ-) "reciting after the brāhmaṇa- or the brahman-", a priest who assists the brahman- or chief priest at a soma- sacrifice View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ब्राह्मणाच्छंसिनोक्थ्यn. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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brāhmaṇasāt ब्राह्मणसात् ind. In the possession of Brāhmaṇas, as in ब्राह्मणसात् भवति धनम्. ब्राह्मणाच्छंसिन् brāhmaṇācchaṃsin ब्राह्मणाच्छंसिन् m. N. of a priest, the assistant of the priest called Brahman q .v.
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brāhmaṇācchaṃsin m. (re citing after the Brâhmana), priest who assists the Brahman at the Soma sacrifice; -îya, n., -îyâ, f. office of the Brâhmanâkkhamsin; -yã, a. relating to the Brâhmanâkkhamsin priest; n. office of the Brâhmanâkkhamsin.
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brāhmaṇācchaṃsin (‘Reciting after the Brāhmaṇa — i.e., Brahman ’) is the name of a priest in the Brāhmaṇas. In the technical division of the sacrificial priests (Rtvy) he is classed with the Brahman, but it is clear that he was really a Hotraka or assistant of the Hotṛ. According to Oldenberg, he was known to the Rigveda as Brahman. This is denied by Geldner, who sees in Brahman merely the ‘superintending priest’ or the ‘ priest.’
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brāhmaṇācchaṃsin (sc. yaja) Vait.19.5.
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brāhmaṇācchaṃsin noun (masculine) a priest who assists the Brahman or chief priest at a Soma sacrifice (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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