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bhujyate: third person singular passive system present class bhuj
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bhuj cl.6 P. () bhuj/ati- (perfect tense bubhoja- Aorist abhaukṣīt- future bhokṣyati-and ktā- grammar;really only proper stem Aorist -/abubhojīs-and ind.p. -bhujya-after nir-and, pari-; confer, compare also bhujam-in bhujaṃ-ga-and bhujaṃgama-), to bend, curve ; (?) to sweep (confer, compare 1. bhuj/i-) : Passive voice bhujyate-, to be bent down or disheartened [ confer, compare Greek ; Latin fugio; Gothic biugan,baugjan(?); German biogan,biegen; Anglo-Saxon bu4gan; English bow.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhuj cl.7 P.A1. () bhun/akti-, bhuṅkt/e- (rarely cl.6 P. A1. bhuñjati-, te- ;3. plural A1. bhuñjat/e- ; Potential P. bhuñjīyāt- ; perfect tense A1. bubhuj/e-, jm/ahe-, jrir/e- plural P. juḥ- ; Aorist abhaukṣīt-, abhnkta- grammar; bh/ojam-, bh/ojate-, bhujema- ; bhukṣiṣīya- ; future bhokṣyati-, te- etc.; bhoktā- ; infinitive mood bh/ojase-, bh/ujam-, bhuje- : bhoktum- etc.; ind.p. bhuktvā-or bhuṅktvā- ) . to enjoy, use, possess, (especially) enjoy a meal, eat, eat and drink, consume (mostly A1.;in Vedic or Veda generally with instrumental case,later with accusative) etc. ; to enjoy (carnally) ; to make use of, utilize, exploit etc. ; (with pṛthivīm-, mahīm-etc.) to take possession of, rule, govern etc. ; to suffer, experience, undergo, be requited or rewarded for (accusative) or at the hands of (genitive case) etc. ; (P.) to be of use or service to (accusative) ; to pass, live through, last (a time) ; (in astronomy) to pass through, fulfil : Passive voice bhujyate- (Aorist abhoji-), to be enjoyed or eaten or possessed or made use of etc.: Causal bhojayati- (te-, mc.; confer, compare ;once bhuñjāpayati- varia lectio; Aorist abūbhujat-, jata- grammar), to cause to enjoy or eat, feed with (two accusative or accusative of Persian and instrumental case of thing; confer, compare ) etc. ; etc. ; to use as food : Desiderative bubhukṣati- (once), te-, to wish to eat, be hungry ; to wish to enjoy or partake of (confer, compare bubhukṣā-, kṣita-, kṣu-): Intensive bobhujyate-, to be eaten frequently ; bobhokti- and bobhujīti-, to eat or enjoy frequently grammar ([ confer, compare Latin fungor.])
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bhujyate is enjoyedSB 10.68.35
bhujyate is sufferedSB 12.6.27
bhujyate let it be enjoyedSB 10.16.60

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