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bhujya: Gerund (-ya)bhuj
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bhujyamānāḥ being enjoyedSB 4.18.6
bhujyamānām being enjoyedSB 10.62.25-26
bhujyatām my dear King, you eat alsoSB 9.5.19
bhujyatām please eatSB 9.20.14
bhujyatām take Your mealSB 10.14.45
bhujyate is enjoyedSB 10.68.35
bhujyate is sufferedSB 12.6.27
bhujyate let it be enjoyedSB 10.16.60
adhibhujyamānam being enjoyed in this way for that durationSB 5.7.8
upabhujyamānām being taken possession ofSB 4.28.4

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