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bhūṣayitum: Infinitivebhūṣ
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"bhūṣ" has 2 results.
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"bhūṣ" has 2 results.
        Root WordIAST MeaningMonier Williams PageClass
√भूष्bhūṣadorning / alaṅkāra94/2Cl.1
√भूष्bhūṣdecorating / alaṅkāra94/2Cl.10
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bhūṣ cl.1 P. bh/ūṣati- (perfect tense bubhūṣa- grammar; Aorist abhūṣīt- ; future bhūṣiṣyati-, bhūṣitā- ; infinitive mood bhūṣitum- ), to strive after, use efforts for, be intent upon (dative case) ; to seek to procure (accusative) for (dative case) ; to adorn : Causal bhūṣayati- (, Epic also te-;aor abubhūṣat-; infinitive mood bhūṣayitum-), to adorn, embellish, attire (A1.also,"one's self" Va1rtt. 18 ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bhūṣ भूष् 1 P., 1 U. (भूषति, भूषयति-ते, भूषित) 1 To adorn, deck, decorate; शुचि भूषयति श्रुतं वपुः Bk.2.15. -2 To decorate oneself (Ātm.); भूषयते कन्या स्वयमेव -3 To spread or strew with, overspread; नखप्रभाभूषितकङ्कपत्रे R.2.31. -With अभि to adorn, grace, give beauty to; अहरत सुतरामतो$स्य चेतः स्फुटमभिभूषयति स्त्रियस्त्रपैव Śi.7.38.
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bhūṣ bhūṣ strive, I. P. bhú̄ṣati [extended form of bhū be]. pári- surpass, ii. 12, 1.

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