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bahvyas: feminine nominative plural stem: bahu
bahvyas: feminine vocative plural stem: bahu
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prasūtam3.1.62MasculineSingularbhūyaḥ, puru, bahulam, pracuram, sphiram, puruham, adabhram, bhūri, bhūyiṣṭham, bahu, prājyam
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bahumf(v/ī-or u-)n. much, many, frequent, abundant, numerous, great or considerable in quantity (n. also as substantive with genitive case) (rarely in maṇḍ-. i-ix) etc. (tadbahu-yad-,"it is a great matter that"; tvayā me bahu kṛtaṃ-yad-,"you have done me a great service by -- or that --"; kim bahunā-,"what occasion is there for much talk?" id est"in short" ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bahumf(v/ī-or u-)n. abounding or rich in (instrumental case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bahumf(v/ī-or u-)n. large, great, mighty etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bahuind. much, very, abundantly, greatly, in a high degree, frequently, often, mostly etc. etc. (often in the beginning of a compound,where also = nearly, almost, rather, somewhat; see bahu-tṛṇa-, bahu-trivarṣa-and ; bahu-man-= to think much of esteem highly, prize, value)
bahun. the plural number View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bahu बहु a. (हु or ही f.; compar. भूयस्; super. भूयिष्ठ) 1 Much, plentiful, abundant, great; तस्मिन् बहु एतदपि Ś.4. 'even this was much for him' (was too much to be expected of him); बहु प्रष्टव्यमत्र Mu.3; अल्पस्य हेतोर्बहु हातुमिच्छन् R.2.47. -2 Many, numerous; as in बह्वक्षर, बहुप्रकार. -2 Frequented, repeated. -4 Large, great. -5 Abounding or rich in (as first member of comp.); बहुकण्टको देशः &c. ind. 1 Much, abundantly, very much, exceedingly, greatly, in a high degree. -2 Somewhat, nearly, almost; as in बहुतृण. (किं बहुन 'why say much', 'in short'; बहु मन् to think or esteem highly, rate high, prize, value; त्वत्संभावितमात्मानं बहु मन्यामहे वयम् Ku.6.2; ययातेरिव शर्मिष्ठा भर्तुर्बहुमता भव Ś.4.7;7. 1; R.12.89; येषां च त्वं बहुमतो भूत्वा यास्यसि लाघवम् Bg.2. 35; Bk.3.53;5.84;8.12.) -Comp. -अक्षर a. having many syllables, polysyllabic (as a word). -अच्, -अच्क a. having many vowels, polysyllabic. -अनर्थ a. fraught with many evils. -अप्, -अप a. watery. -अपत्य a. 1 having a numerous progeny. -2 (in astrol.) promising a numerous progeny. (-त्यः) 1 a hog. -2 a mouse, rat. (-त्या) a cow that has often calved. -अपाय a. exposed to many risks; स्वगृहो- द्यानगते$पि स्निग्धैः पापं विशङ्क्यते मोहात् । किमु दुष्टबह्वपायप्रतिभय- कान्तारमध्यस्थे ॥ Pt.2.166. -अर्थ a. 1 having many senses. -2 having many objects. -3 important. -आशिन् a. voracious, gluttonous, बह्वाशी स्वल्पसन्तुष्टः सुनिद्रो लघुचेतनः । प्रभुभक्तश्च शूरश्च ज्ञातव्याः षट् शुनो गुणाः ॥ Chāṇakya. -m. N. of a son of Dhṛitarāṣṭra. -उदकः a kind of mendicant who lives in a strange town and maintains himself with alms got by begging from door to door; cf. कुटीचक. -उपयुक्त a. made to serve a manifold purpose; बहूप- युक्ता च बुद्धिः Dk.2.4. -उपाय a. effective. -ऋच् a. having many verses. (-f.) a term applied to the Ṛigveda. -ऋच a. having many verses. (-चः) one conversant with the Ṛigveda. (-ची) The wife of one who studies the Ṛigveda. Hence ˚ब्राह्मणम् means the Aitareya Brāhmaṇa which belongs to the Ṛigveda; बह्वृचब्राह्मणे श्रूयते ŚB. on MS.6.3.1. -एनस् a. very sinful. -कर a. 1 doing much, busy, industrious. -2 useful in many ways. (-रः) 1 a sweeper, cleaner. -2 a camel. -3 the sun; बहुकरकृतात् प्रातःसंमार्जनात् N.19.13. (-री) a broom. -कारम् abundance; बहुकारं च सस्यानाम् Mb.12.193.21. -कालम् ind. for a long time. -कालीन a. of a long standing, old, ancient. -कूर्चः a kind of cocoa-nut tree. -क्रमः a Krama of more than three words; cf. क्रम. -क्षम a. patient; अतो$त्र किंचिद्भवतीं बहुक्षमां द्विजाति- भावादुपपन्नचापलः Ku.5.4. (-मः) 1 a Buddha. -2 a Jaina deified saint. -क्षारम् Soap; Nigh. Ratn. (-रः) a kind of alkali. -क्षीरा a cow giving much milk. -गन्ध a. strong-scented. (-न्धम्) cinnamon. -गन्धदा musk. -गन्धा 1 the Yūthikā creeper. -2 a bud of the Champaka tree. -गुण a. having many threads or qualities. -गुरुः One who has read much but superficially; sciolist. -गोत्रज a. having many blood relations. -ग्रन्थिः Tamarix Indica (Mar. वेळु ?). -च्छल a. deceitful. -छिन्ना a species of Cocculus (Mar. गुळवेल). -जनः a great multitude of people. ˚हितम् the common weal. -जल्प a. garrulous, talkative, loquacious. -ज्ञ a. knowing much, well informed, possessed of great knowledge. -तन्त्रीक a. many-stringed (as a musical instrument). -तृणम् anything much like grass; (hence) what is unimportant or contemptible; निदर्शनम- साराणां लघुर्बहुतृणं नरः Śi.2.5; N.22.137. -2 abounding in grass. -त्वक्कः, -त्वच् m. a kind of birch tree. -द a. liberal, generous. -दक्षिण a. 1 attended with many gifts or donations. -2 liberal, munificent. -दर्शक, -दर्शिन् a. prudent, circumspect; कृत्येषु वाली मेधावी राजानो बहुदर्शिनः Rām.4.2.23. -दायिन् a. liberal, munificent, a liberal donor; Ch. Up. -दुग्ध a. yielding much milk. (-ग्धः) wheat. (-ग्धा) a cow yielding much milk. -दृश्वन् a. greatly experienced, a great observer. -दृष्ट a. very experienced. -दोष a. 1 having many faults or defects, very wicked or sinful. -2 full of crimes of dangers; बहुदोषा हि शर्वरी Mk.1.58. -दोहना yielding much milk. -धन a. very rich, wealthy. -धारम् 1 the thunderbolt of Indra. -2 a diamond. -धेनुकम् a great number of milch-cows. -नाडिकः the body. -नाडीकः 1 day. -2 pillar; L. D. B. -नादः a conch-shell. -पत्नीकता polygamy. -पत्रः an onion. (-त्रम्) talc. (-त्री) the holy basil. -पद्, -पाद्, -पाद m. the fig-tree. -पुष्पः 1 the coral tree. -2 the Nimba tree. -पर्वन् m. (see -ग्रन्थिः). -प्रकार a. of many kinds, various, manifold. (-रम्) ind. in many ways, manifoldly. -प्रकृति a. consisting of many primary parts or verbal elements (as a compound). -प्रज a. having many children, prolific. (-जः) 1 a hog. -2 the munja grass. -प्रज्ञ a. very wise. -प्रतिज्ञ a. 1 comprising many statements or assertions, complicated. -2 (in law) involving many counts, as a plaint; बहुप्रतिज्ञं यत् कार्यं व्यवहारेषु निश्चितम् । कामं तदपि गृह्णीयाद् राजा तत्त्वबुभुत्सया Mitā. -प्रत्यर्थिक a. having many opponents. -प्रत्यवाय a. connected with many difficulties. -प्रद a. exceedingly liberal, a munificent donor. -प्रपञ्च a. very diffuse or prolix. -प्रसूः the mother of many children. -प्रेयसी a. having many loved ones. -फल a. rich in fruits. (-लः) the Kadamba tree. (-ली) the opposite-leaved fig-tree. -बलः a lion. -बीजम् the fruit of Anona Reticulata (Mar. सीताफल). (-जा) a kind of Musa (Mar. रानकेळ). -बोलक a. a great talker; Buddh. -भाग्य a. very lucky or fortunate. -भाषिन् a. garrulous, talkative. -भाष्यम् talkativeness, garrulity; उत्थानेन जयेत्तन्द्री वितर्कं निश्चयाज्जयेत् । मौनेन बहुभाष्यं च शौर्येण च भयं त्यजेत् ॥ Mb.12.274.11. -भुजा an epithet of Durgā. -भूमिक a. having many floors or stories. -भोग्या a prostitute. -भोजिन् a. voracious. -मञ्जरी the holy basil. -मत a. 1 highly esteemed or prized, valued, respected; येषां च त्वं बहुमतो भूत्वा यास्यसि लाघवम् Bg.2.35. -2 having many different opinions. -मतिः f. great value or estimation; कान्तानां बहुमतिमाययुः पयोदाः Ki.7. 15. -मध्यग a. belonging to many; न निर्हारं स्त्रियः कुर्युः कुटुम्बाद्बहुमध्यगात् Ms.9.199. -मलम् lead. -मानः great respect or regard, high esteem; पुरुषबहुमानो विगलितः Bh.3.9; वर्तमानकवेः कालिदासस्य क्रियायां कथं परिषदो बहुमानः M.1; V.1.2; Ku.5.31. (-नम्) a gift given by a superior to an inferior. -मान्य a. respectable, esteemable; Kull. on Ms.2.117. -माय a. artful, deceitful. treacherous; परदेशभयाद्भीता बहुमाया नपुंसकाः । स्वदेशे निधनं यान्ति Pt.1.321. -मार्गः a place where many roads meet. -मार्गगा 1 N. of the river Ganges; तद्युक्तं बहुमार्गगां मम पुरो निर्लज्ज वोढुस्तव Ratn.1.3. -2 a wanton or unchaste woman. -मार्गी a place where several roads meet. -मुख a. 1 much, excessive; अस्या भर्तुर्बहुमुखमनुरागम् Ś.6. -2 Speaking variously. -मूत्र a. suffering from diabetes. -मूर्ति a. multiform, variously shaped. (-र्तिः f.) the wild cotton-shrub. -मूर्धन् m. an epithet of Viṣṇu. -मूला Asparagus Racemosus (शतावरी). -मूल्य a. costly, high-priced. (-ल्यम्) a large sum of money, heavy or costly price. -मृग a. abounding in deer. -रजस् a. very dusty. -रत्न a. rich in jewels. -रस a. juicy, succulent. (-सः) sugar-cane. -राशि a. (in arith.) consisting of many terms. (-शिः) m. a series of many terms. -रूप a. 1 many-formed, multiform, manifold. -2 variegated, spotted, chequered; वैश्वदेवं बहुरूपं हि राजन् Mb.14.1.3. (-पः) 1 a lizard, chameleon. -2 hair. -3 the sun. -4 N. of Śiva. -5 of Viṣṇu. -6 of Brahmā. -7 of the god of love. -रूपक a. multiform, manifold. -रेतस् m. an epithet of Brahmā. -रोमन् a. hairy. shaggy. (-m.) a sheep. -लवणम् a soil impregnated with salt. -वचनम् the plural number (in gram.); द्व्यैकयोर्द्विवचनैकवचने, बहुषु बहुवचनम्. -वर्ण a. many-coloured. -वादिन् a. garrulous. -वारम् ind. many times, often. -वारः, -वारकः Cordia Myxa (Mar. भोकर). -वार्षिक a. lasting for many years. -विक्रम a. very powerful, heroic, a great warrior. -विघ्न a. presenting many difficulties, attended with many dangers. -विध a. of many kinds, manifold, diverse. -वी(बी)जम् the custard apple. -वीर्य a. very powerful or efficacious. (-र्यः) N. of various plants (such as Terminalia Bellerica, Mar. बेहडा). -व्ययिन् a. lavish, prodigal, spendthrift. -व्यापिन् a. far-spreading, wide. -व्रीहि a. possessing much rice; तत्पुरुष कर्मधारय येनाहं स्यां बहुव्रीहिः Udb. (where it is also the name of the compound). (-हिः) one of the four principal kinds of compounds in Sanskrit. In it, two or more nouns in apposition to each other are compouded, the attributive member (whether a noun or an adjective) being placed first, and made to qualify another substantive, and neither of the two members separately, but the sense of the whole compound, qualifies that substantive; cf. अन्य- पदार्थप्रधानो बहुव्रीहिः. This compound is adjectival in character, but there are several instances of Bahuvrīhi compounds which have come to be regarded and used as nouns (their application being restricted by usage to particular individuals); i. e. चक्रपाणि, शशिशेखर, पीताम्बर, चतुर्मुख, त्रिनेत्र, कुसुमशर &c. -शत्रुः a sparrow. -शल्यः a species of Khadira. -शस्त a. very good, right or happy. -शाख a. having many branches or ramifications. -शिख a. having many points. -शृङ्गः an epithet of Viṣṇu. -श्रुत a. 1 well-informed, very learned तस्मिन् पुरवरे हृष्टा धर्मात्मानो बहुश्रुताः Rām. H.1.1; Pt.2. 1; R.15.36. -2 well-versed in the Vedas; गुरुं वा बाल- वृद्धौ वा ब्राह्मणं वा बहुश्रुतम् । आततायिनमायान्तं हन्यादेवाविचारयन् ॥ Ms.8.35. (-तिः) the occurrence of the plural in a text. -संख्याक a. numerous. -सत्त्व a. abounding in animals. -संतति a. having a numerous progeny. (-तिः) a kind of bamboo. -सार a. possessed of great pith or essence, substantial. (-रः) the Khadira tree. -साहस्र a. amounting to many thousands. -सूः 1 a mother of many children. -2 a cow. -सूतिः f. 1 a mother of many children. -2 a cow that often calves. -स्वन a. vociferous. (-नः) an owl. -स्वामिक a. owned by many.
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bahu bah-ú, a. many, ii. 35, 12; x. 14, 1; 34, 13.
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bahu a. (v-&isharp;) abundant, much; numerous; repeated, frequent; abounding or rich in (in.): tvayâ hi me bahu kritam -yad, you have done me a great service, in --; tasmin bahu½etad api, even thiswas much for him (i.e. more than could be ex pected); kim bahunâ, what need of much talk? in short; n. ú, ad. much; often, repeatedly; greatly, exceedingly, very, highly; °ree;-sts.=for the most part, almost, tolerably:bahu man, think much of, esteem highly, value; hold dearer than (in.); n. plural.
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bahu ca me bhūyaś ca me TS.
bahu dugdhi viśvebhyo devebhyo haviḥ Mś.
bahu dugdhīndrāya devebhyaḥ TB.; Apś.1.13.10a.
bahu dugdhīndrāya devebhyo haviḥ TB.; Mś. (Mś. also with ūha, mahendrāya for indrāya). See indrāya devebhyo havir.
bahu deyaṃ ca no 'stu ViDh.73.28d; MDh.3.259d; YDh.1.245d; AuśDh.5.73d; BṛhPDh.5.280d.
bahu bāhvor balam AVś.19.60.1. See bāhuvor balam, and bāhvor balam.
bahu brahmaikam akṣaram śB.
bahu vā ime 'smin sattre kuśalam acārṣuḥ pīklojān pavamānān Mś.
bahu vā ime 'smin sattre 'kuśalam acārṣur apīklojān apavamānān Mś.
bahu sākaṃ sisicur utsam udriṇam RV.2.24.4d; N.10.13d.
bahu somagiraṃ vaśī TA.1.10.3b.
bahu ha vā ayam avarṣīd iti śruta rāvaṭ svāhā MS.2.4.7: 44.2. See next.
bahu hāyam avṛṣād (KS. -ṣad) iti śrutar āvṛt (KS. śruta rāvat) svāhā TS.; KS.11.9. See prec.
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bahu a great quantityCC Madhya 4.60
bahu a large quantityCC Antya 7.69
SB 5.9.9-10
bahu a large quantity ofCC Madhya 16.98
bahu a very large quantity ofCC Madhya 11.181
bahu all kinds ofCC Madhya 8.4
bahu by the great yogisSB 3.15.45
bahu for manySB 10.45.50
bahu greatSB 3.16.2
SB 3.20.47
bahu greatlySB 3.5.17
SB 3.8.4
bahu highlySB 3.30.6
bahu manyBG 11.23
bahu manyBG 11.23
CC Adi 16.52
CC Adi 2.43
CC Adi 2.89
CC Adi 4.80
CC Adi 8.16
CC Adi 9.22
CC Antya 18.96
CC Antya 3.119
CC Antya 4.228
CC Antya 4.78
CC Antya 6.75
CC Madhya 14.141
CC Madhya 14.240
CC Madhya 16.194
CC Madhya 16.198
CC Madhya 16.233
CC Madhya 17.104
CC Madhya 18.160
CC Madhya 19.25
CC Madhya 2.70
CC Madhya 22.134
CC Madhya 22.135
CC Madhya 4.155
CC Madhya 5.26
CC Madhya 6.145-146
CC Madhya 6.212
CC Madhya 7.144-145
CC Madhya 7.33
CC Madhya 8.15
SB 10.84.17
SB 11.10.21
SB 11.28.14
SB 11.9.29
SB 3.24.28
SB 4.12.14
SB 4.7.39
SB 5.2.12
SB 7.13.37
SB 7.5.45
bahu muchCC Adi 13.116
CC Adi 14.83
CC Adi 16.23
CC Adi 17.291
CC Antya 16.16
CC Antya 16.68
CC Antya 6.245
CC Antya 7.63
CC Madhya 1.70
CC Madhya 14.234
CC Madhya 15.259
CC Madhya 24.262
CC Madhya 25.207
CC Madhya 25.213
CC Madhya 4.145
CC Madhya 4.188
CC Madhya 4.38
CC Madhya 5.129
CC Madhya 5.59
CC Madhya 5.7
CC Madhya 7.119
CC Madhya 7.121
CC Madhya 7.135
CC Madhya 7.5
CC Madhya 9.347
SB 10.33.9
SB 10.47.14
SB 10.74.50
SB 10.77.19
SB 11.23.10
SB 3.22.19
SB 4.5.12
SB 5.10.8
SB 5.26.30
SB 7.6.19
bahu much pleasureSB 3.12.3
bahu repeatedlySB 10.64.41
bahu so muchSB 9.18.16
bahu variousCC Madhya 10.16
CC Madhya 10.80
CC Madhya 14.11
CC Madhya 5.125
CC Madhya 5.18
CC Madhya 5.34
bahu various kindsCC Madhya 4.15
bahu veryCC Antya 7.60
bahu very large quantitySB 1.15.14
bahu very muchCC Antya 10.130
CC Madhya 14.115
CC Madhya 19.73
SB 3.15.19
SB 5.10.6
SB 8.12.16
bahu with manySB 10.40.15
SB 10.58.13-14
SB 10.76.21
bahu with muchCC Adi 13.117
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2 results
bahu noun (neuter) the plural number (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 72873/72933
bahu adjective abundant (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
great in quantity (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
many (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
much (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 87/72933

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