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anadyatanam. a tense (either past or future) not applicable to the current day View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhaviṣyadanadyatanam. not the same day in the future on View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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anadyatana अनद्यतन a. (-नी f.) [न. त.] Not pertaining to this or the current day; a term used by Pāṇini to denote the sense of the Imperfect or the Periphrastic future P.III.2.III,III.3.15; ˚भूते लङ्-अपचत्; ˚ने भविष्यति लुट्-पक्ता; परोक्षानद्यतने लिट्-पपाच. -नः Not the current day; अतीतायाः रात्रेः पश्चार्धेन आगामिन्या रात्रेः पूर्वार्धेन सहितो दिवसो$- द्यतनः Sk., तद्भिन्नः कालः.
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anadyatana m. not to-day; not the same day; a. not containing to-day.
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anadyatanaperiod of time not pertaining to the day in question; used in connection with past time, to express which the imperfect is generally used; also in connection with the future time, to express which the first future is generally used e gह्यः अपचत्, श्वः कर्ता et cetera, and others confer, compare P.III.2.111,113; III. 3.15,135: V.3.21.
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anadyatanabhūtakālaḥ, laṅ   

(vyākaraṇe) kālasya prakāraḥ।

anadyatanabhūtakālaḥ adyatanāt pūrvam eva pariniṣṭhitāṃ kriyām abhidadhāti।

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