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drā cl.2 P. dr/āti- (imperative dr/ātu-, dr/āntu- ; perfect tense dadrur-, parasmE-pada A1. dadrāṇ/a- ; Aorist adrāsīt-; subjunctive drāsat- ), to run, make haste: Causal drāpayati- (Desiderative of Causal d/idrāpayiṣati-) ; Aorist adidrapat- : Intensive d/aridrāti- ; 3 plural daridrati- ; to run hither and thither ; to be in need or poor: Desiderative of Intensive didaridrāsati- and didaridriṣati- Va1rtt. 2 [ confer, compare 2. dru-and dram-; Greek , .]

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