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adhyātmam: neuter nominative singular stem: adhyātma
adhyātmam: neuter accusative singular stem: adhyātma
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adhyātmamind. concerning self or individual personality. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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adhyātmam called adhyātmaSB 11.22.30
adhyātmam her bodySB 10.42.7
adhyātmam narration of self-realizationSB 4.28.65
adhyātmam the controlled entitiesSB 2.10.14
adhyātmam the overseer of all causes and effectsSB 6.5.17
adhyātmam the selfBG 8.1
BG 8.3
adhyātmam transcendentalBG 7.29
sa-adhyātmam (the witness of) the living entitiesSB 10.40.4
sa-adhyātmam (the witness of) the living entitiesSB 10.40.4

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