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dhāma3.3.131NeuterSingularprabhāvaḥ, adhyāsanam, cakram, puram
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adhyāsanam अध्यासनम् 1 Sitting down upon, occupying, presiding over. -2 A seat, place.
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adhyāsanam seated on the throneSB 1.19.20
adhyāsanam sitting placeSB 5.20.29
adhyāsanam to be seated along withSB 4.8.19
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adhyāsanam, upaveśanam, āsanabandhaḥ, upaveśaḥ   


vṛddhaḥ puruṣaḥ adhyāsanasya samaye patitaḥ।

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