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śrutidvaidhan. disagreement or contradiction of any two passages in the veda-s or of two veda-s View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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śrutidvaidha n. conflict of Vedic precepts; -dhara, a. having a good memory (better sruta-); -patha, m. range of hearing, ear-shot; auditory passage, hearing: -m gam, pra½âp, or â-yâ, come to the ears: -ma dhura, a. pleasant to hear; -prasâdana, n. engaging the attention; -mat, a. having ears; learned (less correct for sruta-vat); supported by a Vedic passage; -mahat, a. great in learning; -mârga, m. way (=instrumen tality) of the ears; auditory passage, hear ing: °ree;-or in. by way of the ears: -m gam, come to the ears: -pravishta, pp. having en tered by way of the ears; -mûla, n. root of the ear; -vakana, n. Vedic precept; -visha ya, m. object of the sense of hearing, sound; range of hearing; -siras, n. leading passage of scripture.

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