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śreyasām: masculine genitive plural stem: śreyas
śreyasām: neuter genitive plural stem: śreyas
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śreyasām all auspiciousnessSB 2.7.49
śreyasām of all auspiciousnessSB 7.14.29
śreyasām of all benedictionSB 4.24.77
śreyasām of all benedictionsSB 4.24.75
śreyasām of all goodnessSB 4.11.31
śreyasām of all spiritual benefitSB 11.5.35
śreyasām of auspicious activitiesSB 4.31.13
śreyasām of auspicious goalsSB 10.80.45
śreyasām of benefitsSB 10.84.21
śreyasām of different kinds of benefit in lifeSB 11.27.3-4
śreyasām opportunitiesSB 4.8.32

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