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śoṣṭum: Infinitiveśuṣ
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"śuṣ" has 1 results.
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√शुष्śuṣbeing dried, becoming dry or parched / śoṣaṇa1092/2Cl.4
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śuṣ (prob. for originally suṣ-, sus-) cl.4 P. () ś/uṣyati- (mc. also te-; perfect tense śuśoṣa-; Aorist aśuṣat-; future śoṣṭā-, śokṣyati-; infinitive mood śoṣṭum-; ind.p. -ś/uṣya- ), to dry, become dry or withered, fade, languish, decay etc. etc.: Causal śoṣayati- (Aorist aśūśuṣat-), to make dry, dry up, wither, parch etc. ; to afflict, injure, hurt, extinguish, destroy : Desiderative śuśukṣati- grammar : Intensive śośuṣyate-, śośoṣṭi- [ confer, compare Greek for ; Latin siccus; Slavonic or Slavonian su8chati; Lithuanian susu4,sausiu4,sau4sasetc.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
śuṣ(in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') drying, withering Va1rtt. 1 View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
śuṣdrying up, parching (See parna-śuṣ-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
śuṣ (see śvas-) cl.6 P. śuṣ/ati- (1. sg. also -śuṣ/e-and parasmE-pada -śuṣāṇa-;See ā-śuṣ-). to hiss (as a serpent) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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śuṣ शुष् 4 P. (शुष्यति, शुष्क) 1 To be dried, become dry or parched up; तृषा शुष्यत्यास्ये पिबति सलिलं स्वादु सुरभि Bh. 3.92. -2 To be withered. -3 To languish, become emaciated; अपि स्थाणुवदासीनः शुष्यन् परिगतः क्षुधा Pt.1.49. -4 To be afflicted or distressed. -Caus. (शोषयति-ते) 1 To dry up, wither, parch; न शोषयति मारुतः Bg.2.23. -2 To emaciate. -3 To destroy. -4 To extinguish. -5 To drain, suck up, absorb. -6 To exhaust, empty. -With उद्, परि 1 to be dried up, dry up; सीदन्ति मम गात्राणि मुखं च परिशुष्यति Bg.1.29; स च विह्वलसत्त्वसंकुलः परिशुष्यन्नभवन् महाह्रदः Bk.1.42. -2 to pine, decay, wither; इमाः शून्यमया वाचः शुष्यमाणेन भाषिताः Rām.3.55. 36; अस्मत्कृते च परिशुष्यति काचिदन्या Bh.2.2. -वि, -सम् to be dried up.
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śuṣ a. (--°ree;) drying up, withering (tr. & int.).
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śuṣ verb (class 1 parasmaipada) to become dry or withered to decay to dry to fade to languish
Frequency rank 3648/72933
śuṣ noun (masculine) [gramm.] root śuṣ
Frequency rank 67917/72933

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