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āsanam: neuter nominative singular stem: āsana
āsanam: masculine accusative singular stem: āsana
āsanam: neuter accusative singular stem: āsana
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āsanamantram. a mantra- or sacred formula to be spoken at taking a seat View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pratyupāsanamind. for every kind of worship View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yathāsanam(thās-) ind. each in proper place or seat according to to proper position View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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āsanam आसनम् [आस्-ल्युट्] 1 Sitting down. -2 A seat, place, stool; Bg.11.42; स वासवेनासनसन्निकृष्टम् Ku.3.2; आसनं मुच् to leave one's seat, rise; R.3.11. -3 A particular posture or mode of sitting; cf. पद्म˚, वीर˚, भद्र˚, वज्र˚ &c. cf. अनायासेन येन स्यादजस्रं ब्रह्मचिन्तनम् । आसनं तद् विजानीयाद् योगिनां सुखदायकम् ॥ -4 Sitting down or halting, stopping, encamping. -5 Abiding, dwelling; Ms.2.246; 6.59. -6 Any peculiar mode of sexual enjoyment (84 such āsanas are usually mentioned). -7 Maintaining a post against an enemy (opp. यानम्), one of the six modes of foreign policy; which are :-- संधिर्ना विग्रहो यानमासनं द्वैधमाश्रयः Ak.; प्रतिबद्धशक्त्योः कालप्रतीक्षया तूष्णीमवस्थानमासनम्; परस्परस्य सामर्थ्यविघातादासनं स्मृतम् Agni P.; Ms.7.16,162,166; Y.1.347; Pt.3. -8 The front part of an elephant's body, withers. -9 Throwing (fr. अस् to throw). -1 N. of two trees (असन and जीवक). -11 Place where the elephant-rider sits, cf. मस्तकद्वितयं दन्तावासनं वंश एव च । षडेते प्रोन्नता यस्य स गजो राजवाहनः ॥ Mātanga L.2.1. -12 Neutrality (as of a nation); Kau. A.7.1. -13 A moving piece (draught) in the game of dice; प्राणग्लहो$यं समर इष्वक्षो वाहनासनः Bhāg.6.12.17. -ना A seat, stool, stay. -नी 1 Stay, abiding, sitting. -2 A small seat or stool. -3 A shop, stall. -Comp. -बन्धधीर a. resolute to sit down, firm in one's seat; निषेदुषीमासनबन्धधीरः R.2.6. -मचूडकम् Semen (मचूडकं विथावीति ख्यातम्); आसनमचूडकं शयनीय- प्रच्छदपटापवारितं भवति किं न वेति Māl.7. (v. l. आसनमयूरकम्).
adhivāsanam अधिवासनम् [वस्-णिच्, or वास् ल्युट्.] 1 Scenting with perfumes or odorous substances (संस्कारो गन्धमाल्याद्यैः Ak.). -2 [वस्-णिच्-ल्युट्] Preliminary consecration (प्रतिष्ठा) of an image, its invocation and worship by suitable Mantras &c. before the commencement of a sacrifice; (यज्ञारम्भात्प्राक् देवताद्यावाहनपूर्वकः पूजनादिकर्मभेदः); Making a divinity assume its abode in an image.
adhyāsanam अध्यासनम् 1 Sitting down upon, occupying, presiding over. -2 A seat, place.
anuśāsanam अनुशासनम् Advice, persuasion, direction, order. command; instruction, laying down rules or precepts; a law, rule, precept; treatment (of a subject), (with the object in comp. or with gen., the agent, if expressed, being put in the instr. or gen.); एतद्वै भद्रमनुशासनस्य Rv.1.32.7. एतदनुशासनम् Tait. Up.7.9.7. भवत्यधिक्षेप इवानुशासनम् Ki.1.28 words of advice; तन्मनोरनुशासनम् Ms.8.139;6.5;2.159; यौवन˚ K.146; नामलिङ्ग˚ laying down rules on the gender of nouns, explanation of gender &c.; शब्दानुशासनम् Sk.; शब्दानामनुशासनमाचार्यस्य आचार्येण वा P.II.3.66 Sk. -Comp. -पर a. obedient. -पर्वन् N. of the 13th book of the Mahābhārata (so called because it lays down precepts of advice).
anvāsanam अन्वासनम् 1 Service, attendance, waiting upon, worship. -2 Taking a seat after another. -3 Regret, sorrow. -4 A place of industry, manufactory, workshop &c. -5 An oily or cooling enema.
apāsanam अपासनम् 1 Throwing away, discarding. -2 Quitting. -3 Killing.
ābhāsanam आभासनम् Making apparent or clear; illuminating.
āśvāsanam आश्वासनम् Consoling, encouraging, cheering up, consolation; तदिदं द्वितीयं हृदयाश्वासनम् Ś.7; देवस्याश्वासनं भवति Pt.1 cheering up of spirits, recovery.
ujjāsanam उज्जासनम् Killing, slaughter; चोरस्योज्जासनम् Sk. उज्जासनाय परितः परिवेषकृतां द्विषाम् Śiva. B.26.64.
udvāsanam उद्वासनम् 1 Expelling, banishing. -2 Abandoning. -3 Taking out of or away (from the fire). -4 Killing, slaughter.
upavāsanam उपवासनम् A dress, garment (Ved.); यावतीः कृत्याः उपवासने Av.14.2.49.
upāsanam उपासनम् ना 1 Service, serving, attendance, waiting upon; शीलं खलोपासनात् (विनश्यति); उपासनामेत्य पितुः स्म सृज्यते N.1.34; Pt.1.169; Ms.3.17; Bg.13.7; Y.3.156; Bh.2.42. -2 Engaging in, being intent on, performing; संगीत˚ Mk.6; सन्ध्या˚ Ms.2.69. -3 Worship, respect, adoration. -4 Practice of archery. -5 Regarding as, reflecting upon. -6 Religious meditation. न कर्मसांख्ययोगोपासनादिभिः Mukti Up.1.1. -7 The sacred fire. वानप्रस्थो ब्रह्मचारी साग्निः सोपासनो व्रजेत्. Y.3.45. -8 Injuring, hurting; (fr. अस् 2). -Comp. -उपासना- खण्डः, N. of the first section of the Gaṇeśa Purāṇa.
nivāsanam निवासनम् 1 Residence. -2 Sojourn. -3 Spending time.
parāsanam परासनम् Killing, slaughter.
paryāsanam पर्यासनम् 1 Revolution; see पर्यासः. -2 Destruction; यदि चैतत्कथञ्चित्स्याल्लोकपर्यासनं भवेत् Mb.8.87.16.
paryupāsanam पर्युपासनम् 1 Worship, honour, service. -2 Friendliness, courtesy. -3 Sitting round. -4 Pardon, excuse.
pratibhāsanam प्रतिभासनम् Look, appearance, semblance.
pratiśāsanam प्रतिशासनम् 1 Giving orders, sending on an errand, ordering. -2 Ordering or despatching an inferior after calling him to attend. -3 Counter-manding. -4 A rival command or authority; अप्रतिशासनं जगत् R.8.27 'completely under the sway of one ruler'.
pratisamāsanam प्रतिसमासनम् 1 Coping with, being a match for. -2 Resisting, opposing, withstanding.
pratyāśvāsanam प्रत्याश्वासनम् Consolation.
prabhāsanam प्रभासनम् Illumining, irradiating, brightening.
pravāsanam प्रवासनम् 1 Living abroad, temporary sojourn. -2 Exile, banishment; सीताविवासनपटोः करुणा कुतस्ते U.2.1. -3 Killing, slaughter. -4 Going from a town.
praśāsanam प्रशासनम् 1 Governing, ruling; एतस्य वा अक्षरस्य प्रशासने गार्गि सूर्याचन्द्रमसौ विधृतौ तिष्ठत Bṛi. Up.3.8.9. -2 Enjoining, exacting. -3 Government. प्रशासितृ praśāsitṛ प्रशास्तृ praśāstṛ प्रशासितृ प्रशास्तृ m. 1 A king, ruler, governor; ततः सेनापतिः पश्चात् प्रशास्ता च न्यषीदत Rām.2.91.4. -2 A director, adviser; बालो यत्र प्रशासिता Pt.5.63.
prāsanam प्रासनम् 1 Throwing, hurling, casting. -2 Throwing down.
projjāsanam प्रोज्जासनम् Killing, slaughter.
bhāsanam भासनम् [भास्-ल्युट्] 1 Shining, glittering. -2 Illuminating.
lāsanam लासनम् Moving hither and thither; तोमराङ्कुशलासनैः Mb.7.142.45.
vāsanam वासनम् [वास्-ल्युट्] 1 Perfuming, scenting. -2 Infusing. -3 Dwelling, abiding. -4 An abode, a dwelling. -5 Any receptacle, a basket, box, vessel &c.; वासनस्थ- मनाख्याय हस्ते$न्यस्य यदर्प्यते Y.2.65. (वासनं निक्षेपाधारभूतं संपुटादिकं समुद्रं ग्रन्थ्यादियुतम्). -6 Knowledge. -7 Clothes, dress. -8 A cover, an envelope. -9 A kind of posture practised by ascetics in abstract meditation.
vikāsanam विकासनम् Expansion, opening, blowing.
vipravāsanam विप्रवासनम् 1 Banishment; ततो दुःखतरं भूयः सीताया विप्रवासनम् Rām.7.5.7. -2 Staying abroad, sojourn.
vilāsanam विलासनम् 1 Sport, play, pastime. -2 Wantonness, dalliance.
viśvāsanam विश्वासनम् Producing confidence.
samāśvāsanam समाश्वासनम् Reviving, encouraging, comforting. -2 Consolation; V.2.
samāsanam समासनम् Sitting together.
hrāsanam ह्रासनम् 1 N. of the seventh i. e. the last stage of must of an elephant; Mātaṅga L.9.18. -2 Diminution.
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āsanam a seatSB 10.32.13
SB 10.38.37-38
SB 3.28.8
SB 4.4.8
āsanam a sitting placeSB 8.18.26
SB 8.8.10
āsanam His personal seatSB 12.11.13
āsanam on sitting placesSB 12.8.39
āsanam on the seatSB 4.28.45
SB 7.15.31
āsanam one's seatSB 11.3.50-51
āsanam position on the throneSB 7.3.13
āsanam seatBG 6.11-12
āsanam seatsSB 10.41.44
SB 10.85.36
āsanam sitting accommodationSB 2.2.15
āsanam sitting placesSB 12.8.38
āsanam sitting positionSB 4.12.17
āsanam the seatSB 10.48.4
SB 11.27.25-26
āsanam the throneSB 1.17.43-44
SB 10.49.17
āsanam the throne of the stateSB 9.10.50
āsanam throneSB 10.68.26
SB 2.9.17
SB 4.13.6
āsanam whose seatSB 10.89.54-56
ācārya-upāsanam approaching a bona fide spiritual masterBG 13.8-12
adhyāsanam seated on the throneSB 1.19.20
adhyāsanam to be seated along withSB 4.8.19
adhyāsanam sitting placeSB 5.20.29
agraja-śāsanam the order of the elder brotherCC Madhya 10.145
alańghya-śāsanam whose order is never neglectedSB 4.4.14
anuśāsanam traditional disciplineSB 1.4.28-29
anuśāsanam rulingsSB 1.7.53-54
anuśāsanam under your ruleSB 1.17.37
anuśāsanam ruling over the citizensSB 4.21.50
anuśāsanam the orderSB 5.1.20
yoga-anuśāsanam only to be achieved by practicing devotional serviceSB 5.14.39
anuśāsanam the worshipSB 6.16.50
anuśāsanam because it is Your orderSB 8.23.17
anuśāsanam commandSB 10.16.61
anuśāsanam the instructionSB 10.27.7
anuśāsanam orderSB 10.27.17
anuśāsanam (Your) commandSB 10.74.2
anuśāsanam the orderSB 10.74.3
veda-anuśāsanam the instruction of the VedasSB 10.78.36
anuśāsanam instructionSB 10.87.42
ātma-ānuśāsanam instruction in the science of the SelfSB 10.87.44
anuśāsanam guidanceSB 11.3.44
anuśāsanam instructionNBS 84
nṛpa-āsanam on the throne of the KingSB 4.8.13
nṛpa-āsanam the royal throneSB 4.12.14
vara-āsanam the exalted throneSB 4.14.32
vara-āsanam royal throneSB 4.15.14
nṛpa-āsanam the throne of the kingSB 6.16.3
nija-āsanam his own throneSB 7.3.9-10
mahendra-āsanam the throne of King IndraSB 7.4.14
nṛpa-āsanam king's throneSB 10.68.37
brahma-āsanam the spiritual master's seatSB 10.78.30
ātma-āsanam onto their lapsSB 10.82.35
uttama-āsanam a high seatSB 12.3.38
nṛpa-āsanam the throne of a kingCC Adi 5.141
nṛpa-āsanam the throne of a kingCC Madhya 20.306
ātma-āsanam onto their lapsSB 10.82.35
ātma-ānuśāsanam instruction in the science of the SelfSB 10.87.44
bhartṛ-śāsanam chastisement by the masterSB 5.10.7
brahma-āsanam the spiritual master's seatSB 10.78.30
kusuma-śarāsanam CupidSB 5.5.31
mahendra-āsanam the throne of King IndraSB 7.4.14
nija-āsanam his own throneSB 7.3.9-10
nṛpa-āsanam on the throne of the KingSB 4.8.13
nṛpa-āsanam the royal throneSB 4.12.14
nṛpa-āsanam the throne of the kingSB 6.16.3
nṛpa-āsanam king's throneSB 10.68.37
nṛpa-āsanam the throne of a kingCC Adi 5.141
nṛpa-āsanam the throne of a kingCC Madhya 20.306
śarāsanam arrows and bowSB 1.16.10
śarāsanam bowsSB 1.17.36
śarāsanam his bowSB 4.13.40
kusuma-śarāsanam CupidSB 5.5.31
śāsanam injunctionSB 1.8.50
alańghya-śāsanam whose order is never neglectedSB 4.4.14
śāsanam punisherSB 4.14.3
bhartṛ-śāsanam chastisement by the masterSB 5.10.7
śāsanam the ruling jurisdictionSB 6.1.32
śāsanam ruling orderSB 7.8.6
agraja-śāsanam the order of the elder brotherCC Madhya 10.145
ācārya-upāsanam approaching a bona fide spiritual masterBG 13.8-12
upāsanam the worshipSB 11.2.33
upāsanam worshipSB 11.18.43
uttama-āsanam a high seatSB 12.3.38
vara-āsanam the exalted throneSB 4.14.32
vara-āsanam royal throneSB 4.15.14
vāsanam the last traces of whose material desireSB 10.51.60
veda-anuśāsanam the instruction of the VedasSB 10.78.36
yoga-anuśāsanam only to be achieved by practicing devotional serviceSB 5.14.39
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sandeśaḥ, sandiṣṭaḥ, vārtā, dūtyam, dautyam, vṛtāntaḥ, vācikam, nirdeśaḥ, nirdiṣṭam, ādeśaḥ, samācāraḥ, ājñā, śāsanam, śāstiḥ, vaktavyam, vacanam, preṣaḥ   

soddeśyaṃ likhitaḥ uktaḥ vā vacanopanyāsaḥ।

yadā bhrātuḥ vivāhasya sandeśaḥ prāptaḥ tadā saḥ muditaḥ।


apavādaḥ, niṣedhaḥ, vyāvṛtiḥ, varjaḥ, varjanam, apāsanam, paryudāsaḥ, vyudāsaḥ, apahāniḥ, vinirmokaḥ, parihāraḥ, pariharaṇam, vyatirekaḥ   


asya niyamasya apavādāḥ santi।


dhanuḥ, cāpaḥ, dhanva, śarāsanam, kodaṇḍam, kārmukam, iṣvāsaḥ, sthāvaram, guṇī, śarāvāpaḥ, tṛṇatā, triṇatā, astram, dhanūḥ, tārakam, kāṇḍam   


eṣa vyāghraḥ tasya lubdhakasya dhanuṣaḥ niḥsṛtena bāṇena hataḥ ।


śāsanam, vidhānam, vidhiḥ, ādeśaḥ, anuśāsanam, sūtram   

mānavānām ācāravyavahārāya rājñā śāsanena vā vihitā niyamāvaliḥ yasyāḥ ācaraṇaṃ sarveṣāṃ kṛte āvaśyakam asti tathā ca yasyāḥ anācaraṇād mānavaḥ daṇḍanīyaḥ bhavati।

śāsanāt viparītaṃ kāryaṃ saṃkaṭāya nimantraṇam।


śāsanam, rājyam, nīti, rājyādhikāraḥ, rājyadhurā, rājadhurā, rājyanīti, rājyapālanam   

rāṣṭravyavahārasya prabandhaḥ sañcālanam ca।

adhunā rāṣṭrasya śāsanaṃ bhraṣṭācāriṇāṃ haste asti।


suśāsanam, surājyam   

suvyavasthitaṃ śāsanam।

suśāsanāt rāṣṭrasya vikāsaḥ bhavati।


indradhanuḥ, indracāpaḥ, śakradhanus, indrāyudham, devāyudham, śakraśarāsanam, meghadhanuḥ, suradhanuḥ, maṇidhanuḥ, vāyuphalam, dhanuṣyam, kauśikāyudham, parāmṛtam   

saptavarṇayuktam ardhavṛttaṃ yad varṣākāle ākāśe sūryasya prāṅdiśi dṛśyate।

indradhanuṣā varṣākālasya śobhā vardhate।


vijayā, trailokyavijayā, bhaṅgā, indrāśanaḥ, indrāsanam, jayā, gañjā, vīrapatrā, capalā, ajayā, ānandā, harṣiṇī, mādinī, saṃvidā   

vṛkṣaviśeṣaḥ, mādakadravyayuktaḥ vṛkṣaḥ āyurvede asya vātakaphāpahatvam ādi guṇāḥ proktāḥ।

trailokye vijayapradeti vijayā śrīdevarājapriyā।


kuśāsanam, kurājyam   

kutsitaṃ śāsanam।

kaṃsasya kuśāsanāt prajā abibhet।


vijayā, trailokyavijayā, bhaṅgā, indrāśanaḥ, indrāsanam, jayā, gañjā, vīrapatrā, capalā, ajayā, ānandā, harṣiṇī, mādinī, saṃvidā   

vṛkṣaviśeṣaḥ, mādakadravyayuktaḥ vṛkṣaḥ āyurvede asya vātakaphāpahatvādayaḥ guṇāḥ proktāḥ।

adhunā śāsanena vijayāyāḥ kṛṣiḥ pratibandhitā asti।


śāsanam, sattā, prabhutvam, svāmitvam   

sā śaktiḥ yasyāḥ adhikārāt balāt vā sāmarthyaṃ upabhujyate।

indirā gāndhī mahodayayā 1975 saṃvatsare svasya śāsanasya kāle āpatakālaḥ ghoṣitaḥ।



dhātukāṣṭhādibhiḥ upaveśanārthaṃ vinirmitaṃ uccapaṭṭakam।

atithiḥ āsane upaviśya bhojanaṃ karoti।



kuśasya āsanam।

mama pitāmahaḥ kuśāsane upaviśya pūjāṃ karoti।


āsanam, anīśvaratā, anadhīnatā, arājyam   

śāsanahīnā avasthā।

rāṣṭre dinedine aśāsanaṃ vardhate।



deśāt niṣkāsanasya daṇḍaḥ।

briṭiśakāle svatantratāsenāninaṃ deśaniṣkāsanasya daṇḍaṃ datvā andamānaprānte apreṣayat।


ājñā, ādeśaḥ, nideśaḥ, nirdeśaḥ, śāsanam, śiṣṭiḥ, śāstiḥ, niyogaḥ, preraṇā, avavādaḥ, prayuktiḥ   

sā kriyā yena vṛddhāḥ bālān kimapi karma kartum ādiśanti।

jyeṣṭhānāṃ ājñāyāḥ pālanaṃ kartavyam। / pituḥ ājñayā rāmaḥ vanavāse gacchati sma।


bhaṇḍam, pātram, bhājanam, sthālī, sthālam, piṣṭaraḥ, piṣṭaram, ukhā, vāsanam, pāḍinī, kuṇḍam   

mṛddhātvādibhiḥ vinirmitaḥ ādhāraḥ yasmin khādyaṃ tathā ca anyāni vastūni sthāpyante।

dhātvoḥ ālekhitaṃ pātraṃ śobhate।


sāntvanā, pratyāyanā, sāntvanam, āśvāsanam, parisāntvanam, kleśāpahaḥ, pramārjanam, aśrupramārjanam   

ākulitasya manuṣyasya kleśasya apahānam।

gṛhe steyam abhavat ataḥ bāndhavāḥ gṛhasvāminaḥ sāntvanām akurvan।



kasyāpi rāṣṭrasya pradhānaṃ śāsanaṃ yat tasya rāṣṭrasya rājadhānyāṃ vartate tathā ca sampūrṇe rāṣṭre śāsanaṃ karoti।

pakṣavādaṃ vihāya kendraśāsanena sarvebhyaḥ rājyebhyaḥ sāhāyyaṃ dātavyam।


āsanam, pīṭhikā   

yasyopari upaviśyate।

guroḥ svāgatārthe chātrāḥ āsanaṃ tyaktvā uttiṣṭhanti।


siṃhāsanam, nṛpāsanam, rājāsanam, uccāsanam, bhadrāsanam   

nṛpasya āsanam।

mahārājaḥ siṃhāsane virājate।



jalasya niṣkāsanasya kriyā।

stroteṣu avaruddhena avakareṇa jalaniṣkāsane bādhā utpadyate।


apadeśaḥ, vyapadeśaḥ, chalam, mithyāhetuḥ, paryupāsanam   

svarakṣaṇārtham athavā kiñcit pramāṇayitum pravṛttā asatyā kṛtiḥ।

saḥ śirovedanāyāḥ apadeśena vidyālayaṃ na agacchat।


vadhaḥ, hatyā, hananam, ghātaḥ, māraṇam, nāśaḥ, niṣūdanam, hiṃsā, hiṃsanam, ālambhaḥ, viśasanam, vyāpādanam, pramāpaṇam, nibarhaṇam, nikāraṇam, viśāraṇam, pravāsanam, parāsanam, saṃjñapanam, nirgranthanam, nistarhaṇam, kṣaṇanam, parivarjanam, nirvāpaṇam, pramathanam, krathanam, ujjāsanam, piñjaḥ, viśaraḥ, unmāthaḥ   

saṃharaṇam yasmin prāṇaiḥ viyujyate।

duṣṭānāṃ vadhaṃ kartuṃ īśvaraḥ avatarati।



yogasya āsanam।

yogāsanaiḥ bahavaḥ vyādhayaḥ dūrīkartuṃ śakyante।


indrāsanam, śakrāsanam   

indrasya āsanam।

asurāḥ indraṃ vāraṃvāraṃ parājitya indrāsanaṃ grahītuṃ prāyatata।


deśatyāgaḥ, deśāntarādhivāsanam   

svadeśaṃ tyaktvā anyadeśe sthātum anyadeśagamanam।

uccaśikṣitāḥ janāḥ dhanalobhāt deśatyāgaṃ kurvanti।



tat adhikārapatraṃ yasyānusāreṇa ko'pi kasmād api sthānāt bahirgantuṃ śakyate।

anyasmin deśe vastūnāṃ preṣaṇārthe ahaṃ niṣkāsanaṃ prāptavān।


vivāsaḥ, udvāsaḥ, pravāsanam, vivāsanam, pravrājanam   

kasmāccit sthānāt kṣetrāt vā apanayanam ityevaṃrūpaḥ daṇḍaḥ।

maṅgalunā anyajātīyayā yuvatyā saha vivāhaḥ kṛtaḥ ataḥ tasya jātyāḥ vivāsaḥ jātaḥ।


padmāsanam, kamalāsanam   

yogasya ekam āsanaṃ yasmin vāmorūpari dakṣiṇaṃ saṃsthāpya vāmaṃ tathā dakṣiṇorūpari paścimena vidhinā dhṛtyā karābhyāṃ dhṛtam aṅguṣṭhaṃ hṛdaye nidhāya cibukaṃ nāsāgram avalokayet।

brāhmamuhūrte kṛtena padmāsanena cittaṃ śāntaṃ bhavati।



yogāṅgāsanaviśeṣaḥ yatra jānunoḥ antare ubhe pādatale samyak kṛtvā upaviśyate।

saḥ svastikāsane upaviśati।


pādāsanam, upadhānam, āsādaḥ, caraṇopadhānam   

yānādiṣu pādau sthāpayituṃ nirmitaṃ sthānam।

yāne upaveṣṭuṃ saḥ pādāsane padam asthāpayat।


protsāhanam, āśvāsanam, uttejanam, dhairyavardhanam   

kimapi kāryaṃ kartuṃ kasyāpi utsāhavardhanam।

saḥ spardhakebhyaḥ protsāhanaṃ dadāti।


vyākaraṇam, padānuśāsanam, śabdaśāsanam, śabdaśāstram   

tat śāstraṃ yasmin śabdasya prakārādeḥ nirupaṇam asti।

bhāṣāyāḥ mūlādhāraḥ vyākaraṇam।


pratijñāpatram, pratijñāpatrakam, vilekhā, śāsanam, vācikapatram, prasaṃvidā   

tad patraṃ yasmin niyamaiḥ saha pratijñā likhitā vartate।

daladvayena pratijñapatre hastākṣaraṃ kṛtam।



jalasya niṣkāsanam।

jala-niṣkāsanasya ucitā vyavasthā nāsti ataḥ asvacchaṃ jalaṃ mārge pravahati।


ātmānuśāsanam, pariṣkāraḥ   

ātmanaḥ kṛte anuśāsanam।

ātmānuśāsanena eva durvyasanebhyaḥ muktiṃ prāptuṃ śakyate।


pīṭham, āsanam, viṣṭaraḥ, vistaraḥ, saṃveśaḥ, āsandī, mañcikā   

tad āsanaṃ yasmin na kevalam upaviśyate tathā ca yasya pṛṣṭhabhāgaḥ pṛṣṭhasya ādhārabhūtaḥ।

pitā pīṭham upaviśya dainikaṃ paṭhati।


sarvakāraḥ, śāsanam, praśāsanam   

deśarājyādīnāṃ prabandhanaṃ kriyamāṇā saṃsthā।

sarvakāraḥ nītim anusṛtya ācaraṇaṃ kuryāt।




śikṣakaḥ ākarṇadhanurāsanaṃ pāṭhayati।


prakampanam, ālolanam, dhūtiḥ, prollolanam, lāsanam, vellanam   

prakampitasya kriyā bhāvo vā।

ahaṃ mārge sthitasya madyapasya mattatāyāṃ prakampanaṃ prapatanañca apaśyam।


āśvāsanam, pratyāśvāsanam, samāśvāsanam, samāśvāsaḥ, āśvāsaḥ, pratyāyanā, pratītyam, abhisāntvam   

kasminnapi ākāṅkṣāyāḥ utpādanaṃ vardhanaṃ vā ।

mantrīmahodayasya āśvāsanaṃ prāpya ahaṃ cintāmuktaḥ jātaḥ।


punarvāsaḥ, punarvāsanam   

nirvāsitānāṃ janānāṃ punaḥ vāsanasya kriyā।

narmadāsetupariyojanayā pīḍitānāṃ janānāṃ punarvāsaḥ kriyate।


niyamaḥ, śāsanam, vyavasthā   

kāścit niścitāḥ kṛtāḥ paddhatayaḥ।

kāmapi saṃsthāṃ deśaṃ vā pracālayituṃ kecana niyamāḥ nirmīyante।



yogādiṣu śarīrasya avayavānāṃ kṛtā viśiṣṭā racanā।

yogasādhanārthe naikāni āsanāni kathitāni santi।


ākṣepaṇam, ākṣepaḥ, apakṣepaṇam, vikṣepaṇam, prakṣepaṇam, kṣepaṇam, visarjanam, saṃkṣepaṇam, kṣiptiḥ, muktiḥ, saṃkṣiptiḥ, prakṣepaḥ, āvāpaḥ, visargaḥ, saṃrodhaḥ, saṃkṣepaḥ, vinikṣepaḥ, vikṣepaḥ, prāsaḥ, samīraṇam, prathanam, prapātanam, praharaṇam, asra, kirat, kṣipa, nivāpin, tas, kīrṇiḥ, kṣipā, ṭepanam, āvapanam, ākṣepaṇam, asanam, udīraṇam, prāsanam, ḍaṅgaraḥ, kṣepaḥ   

keṣāñcana vastūnāṃ kṣepaṇakriyā।

amīṣāṃ vastūnām ākṣepaṇam āvaśyakam।


adhyāsanam, upaveśanam, āsanabandhaḥ, upaveśaḥ   


vṛddhaḥ puruṣaḥ adhyāsanasya samaye patitaḥ।


anuvāsanam, nirūham, vastikarma   

śaucārthe kṛtā ekā vaidyakīyā kriyā।

prasūtāyā anuvāsanaṃ dattam।


sukhāsanam, laghukhaṭvikā   

sahastam āsanaṃ yasmin upaviśya ko'pi viśrāmyati।

pitāmahaḥ sukhāsanam upaviśya svapiti।



mahābhāratasya ekaṃ parva।

adya kathākāraḥ anuśāsanasya vyākhyāṃ karoti।



āsanānām ekaḥ prakāraḥ।

kumbhīrāsane bhūmau śayitvā hastau mastake tathā ekaḥ pādaḥ anyasmin pāde saṃsthāpanīyāḥ।



prastutāyāḥ prārthanāyāḥ kathanasya vā asvīkṛtiḥ।

rājñaḥ apāsanaṃ śrutvā mantriḥ upāvartitaḥ।


muktāsanam, siddhāsanam   

ekaṃ yogāsanam।

saḥ muktāsanaṃ sahajam eva karoti।


yogaśāstram, yogadarśanam, yogaḥ, yogānuśāsanam   

cittavṛttinirodhārthaṃ pratipāditaṃ śāstram।

yogaśāstrasya praṇetā patañjaliḥ asti।


sukhāsanam, srastaraḥ, srastaram, talpam   

kaśipuyuktam āsanam।

bhavān atra sukhāsanam upaviśatu।


śāsanam, rājy, mantrīmaṇḍalam   

kasya api rāṣṭrasya vyavasthāpakaṃ lokanirvācitam athavā rājñā niyojitam maṇḍalam।

acirāt eva śāsanaṃ ṣaṭ nūtanāḥ yojanāḥ udgoṣayiṣyati।



janeṣu śāsanaṃ kartuṃ vartamānaḥ janasamūhaḥ vibhāgaḥ vā।

asyāḥ saṃsthāyāḥ praśāsanaṃ bhraṣṭācāre liptam asti।



vastunaḥ bahirniḥsāraṇam।

varṣākāle jalasya niṣkāsanaṃ samyak na bhavati।


cakrāsanam, parpam   

cakraiḥ yuktaḥ āsandaḥ।

calitum asamarthānāṃ puruṣāṇāṃ kṛte cakrāsanam atīva lābhadāyakaṃ vartate।


gomukham, gomukhāsanam   


yogī gomukhe upaviśati।



anyasmai sammānaṃ pradātum upaveśanārthaṃ svasya ardhasya āsanasya pradānasya kriyā।

guroḥ arddhāsanaṃ prāpya śiṣyaḥ santuṣṭaḥ jātaḥ।



upaveśanasya viśiṣṭā paddhatiḥ।

bhojanasamaye āsanaṃ samyak bhavet।


āstaraṇam, kuśāsanam   

yajñavedikāyām āstīryamāṇaṃ kuśasya āsanam।

paṇḍitaḥ āstaraṇe kāṣṭhaṃ sthāpayati।



kasyāpi rājyasya pramukhaṃ śāsanaṃ yasya mukhyaṃ sthānaṃ rājyasya rājadhānīnagaraṃ vartate tasmāt nagarād eva rājyasya niyantraṇaṃ karoti।

rājyaśāsanasya nītiṣu eva rājyasya pragatiḥ ādhāritā asti।



viśiṣṭasya upayogasya kṛte niścitaṃ sthānam।

asmin viśvavidyālaye vidyāvācaspati iti padavīpraveśāya nyūnāni āsanāni santi।



deśasya mukhyaṃ śāsanaṃ yasya mukhyālayaṃ rājadhānyāṃ vartate।

kendraśāsanaṃ kṛṣakāṇāṃ kṛte nūtanāḥ yojanāḥ pracālayati।


ājñā, ādeśaḥ, nirdeśaḥ, nideśaḥ, śāsanam, śiṣṭiḥ, avavādaḥ   

tathā karotu tathā mā karotu iti adhikārapūrvakaṃ kathanam।

ājñāṃ prāpya saḥ kāryam akarot।



tad vastraṃ yasmin upaviśyate।

gajānanaḥ yogārthaṃ vastrāsanaṃ stṝṇāti।



granthaviśeṣaḥ ।

yogānuśāsanam iti nāmne dvau granthau staḥ



ekaḥ śabdakośaḥ ।

nānārthaśabdānuśāsanasya ullekhaḥ koṣe asti



nāmnāṃ koṣaḥ ।

nāmānuśāsanasya ullekhaḥ koṣe asti

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