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"ghuṭ" has 2 results.
        Root WordIAST MeaningMonier Williams PageClass
√घुट्ghuṭretaliating, striking again / pratighāta665/2Cl.6
√घुट्ghuṭbartering, exchanging / parivarttana601/3Cl.1
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ghuṭ cl.6 P. ṭati-, to strike again, resist, oppose ; to protect, (varia lectio): cl.1 A1. ghoṭate-, to turn ("to barter, exchange"), (see ava-ghoṭita-and vy-ā-ghuṭ-.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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ghuṭ घुट् I. 6 P. (घुटति, घुटित) 1 To strike again, retaliate, resist. -2 To protect, preserve. -II. 1 Ā. (घोटते) 1 To come back, return. -2 To barter, exchange.
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"ghuṭ" has 1 results.
ghuṭa conventional term for the first five case-affixes; confer, compare घुटि च Kat. II. 1.68. The term घुट् is used in the Katantra Vyakarana and corresponds to the term सर्वनामस्थान of Panini.
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parivṛt, ghuṭ, vikṛ, viparyas, vime, vinime, parivṛt   

ekasya sthāne aparasya sthāpanā।

tvayā saptāhe ekavāraṃ śayanāstaraṇaṃ parivartanīyam।

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