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√घुण्ghuṇrolling, staggering, reeling / bhramaṇa769/3Cl.1 and 6
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ghuṇ cl.6 P. ṇati-, to go or move about, 48: cl.1 A1. ghoṇate- idem or ' (= ghuṭ-) cl.6 P. ḍati-, to prevent, defend, protect (varia lectio)' , (see ghūrṇ-, ghol-.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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ghuṇ घुण् I. 1 Ā., 6 P. (घोणते, घुणति, घुणित) To roll, whirl, stagger, reel. -II. 1 Ā. To take, receive.

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