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bhartṛ: neuter nominative singular stem: bhartṛ
bhartṛ: neuter accusative singular stem: bhartṛ
bhartṛ: neuter vocative singular stem: bhartṛ
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bhartṛm. (once in bh/artṛ-) a bearer ([ confer, compare Latin fertor]), one who bears or carries or maintains (with genitive case or in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhartṛm. a preserver, protector, maintainer, chief, lord, master etc. (f(tr/ī-).a female supporter or nourisher, a mother ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhartṛm. a husband View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bhartṛ भर्तृ m. [भृ-तृच्] 1 A husband; यद्भर्तुरेव हितमिच्छति तत् कलत्रम् Bh.2.8; स्त्रीणां भर्ता धर्मदाराश्च पुंसाम् Māl.6.18. -2 A lord, master, superior; भर्तुः शापेन Me.1; गण˚, भूत˚ &c. -3 A leader, commander, chief; स्वभर्तृनामग्रहणाद्बभूव सान्द्रे रजस्यात्मपरावबोधः R.7.41. -4 A supporter, bearer, protector; भर्ता स्वानां श्रेष्ठः पुर एता भवति Bri. Up.1.3.18. -5 The creator. -6 N. of Viṣṇu; सवनो भावनो भर्ता V. Sah. -Comp. -गुणः the excellence or virtue of a husband; उत्कर्षं योषितः प्राप्ताः स्वैः स्वैर्भर्तृगुणैः शुभैः Ms.9.24. -घ्नी a woman who murders her husband; पाषण्ड्यानाश्रितास्तेना भर्तृघ्न्यः कामगादिकाः Y.3.6. -चित्त a. thinking of a husband; Ks. -दारकः a crown-prince, prince royal, young prince, an heirapparent (a term of address chiefly used in dramas). -दारिका a young princess (a term of address in dramas). -देवता, -दैवता idolizing a husband. -प्रिय, -भक्त a. devoted to one's master. -लोकः the husband's world; पतिं या नाभिचरति मनोवाग्देहसंयता । सा भर्तृलोकमाप्नोति Ms. 5.165. -व्रतम् fidelity or devotion to a husband. (-ता) a virtuous and devoted wife; cf. पतिव्रता. -शोकः grief for the death of the husband. -हरिः N. of a celebrated author to whom are ascribed the three Śatakas (शृङ्गार, नीति and वैराग्य) and also वाक्यपदीय and भट्टि- काव्य. -हार्यधन a. (a slave) whose possessions may be taken by his master; न हि तस्यास्ति किंचित् स्वं भर्तृहार्यधनो हि सः Ms.8.417. -हीन a. abandoned by a master.
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bhartṛ Besides having the literal sense of ‘ bearer,’ means ‘supporter’ or ‘master’ in the older literature but it is doubt­ful whether the sense of * husband ’ is ever found there. In one passage of the Rigveda husband ’ is certainly the most natural sense, but, as Delbrūck correctly remarks, even there ‘father’ may be meant, since ‘mother’ is here and there called Bhartri.
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bhartṛ as their husbandSB 10.90.27
bhartṛ for the husbandSB 4.14.25
bhartṛ of her husbandSB 4.23.22
bhartṛ of his masterSB 11.29.46
bhartṛ of the KingSB 4.13.49
bhartṛ of the masterSB 4.21.25
SB 7.2.13
bhartṛ the protectorSB 1.11.3
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bhartṛ noun (masculine) a bearer (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
a husband (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
one who bears or carries or maintains (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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