ṣaḍja षड्ज

Definition: m. "six-born", Name of the first or (according to to some) of the fourth of the 7 svaras- or primary notes of music (so called because it is supposed to be produced by six organs, viz. tongue, teeth, palate, nose, throat, and chest;the other six svaras- are ṛṣabha-, gāndhāra-, madhyama-, pañcama-, dhaivata-, and niṣāda-, of which niṣāda- and gāndhāra- are referred to the udātta-, ṛṣabha- and dhaivata- to the an-udātta-, while ṣaḍ-ja- and the other two are referred to the svarita- accent;the sound of the ṣaḍ-ja- is said to resemble the note of peacocks) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: MBh., Ragh., VarBr2S.
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