ṛddhiḥ ऋद्धिः

Definition: ऋद्धिः f. [ऋध्-भावे क्तिन्] 1 Growth, increase. नियमर्द्धये Bhāg.12.8.9. -2 Success, prosperity; affluence, good fortune. तेषामृद्धिरतीवात्र Bhāg.3.139.8. -3 Elevation, exaltation, greatness. संजीवितः शिशुरसौ मम चेयमृद्धिः U.2.11. -4 (a) Extent, magnitude, excellence; परिच्छिन्नप्रभावर्द्धिर्न मया न च विष्णुना Ku.2.58. (b) Grandeur, magnificence; व्यक्तर्धि वः क्रीडितम् Māl.5.22. -5 Supernatural power or supremacy, perfection. -6 Accomplishment. -7 Prosperity personified as the wife of Kubera. -8 Name of Pārvatī, and of Lakṣmī. -9 Name of a medicinal plant; (Mar. केवणी, मुरुडशेंग) -1 magic; M. W. -Comp. -काम a. desiring increase or prosperity. -साक्षात्क्रिया manifestation of supernatural power.

Dictionary: Apte
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