śrauta श्रौत

Definition: श्रौत a. (-ती f.) [श्रुतौ विहितम् अण्] 1 Relating to the ear. -2 Relating to, founded on, or prescribed by, the Veda. -3 Sacrificial. -4 Audible, expressed in plain language (as a simile, opp. to आर्थ implied). -तम् 1 Any observance prescribed by the Vedas. -2 Ritual enjoined by the Vedas. -3 Preservation or maintenance of the sacred fire. -4 The three sacred fires collectively, (i. e. गार्हपत्य, आहवनीय and दक्षिण). -Comp. -कर्मन् n. a Vedic rite. -मार्गः hearing. -सूत्रम् Name of a class of Sūtra works based on the Veda (ascribed to आश्वलायन, सांख्यायन, कात्यायन &c.).

Dictionary: Apte
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