śrāvaṇa श्रावण

Definition: श्रावण a. (-णी f.) [श्रवण-अण्] 1 Relating to the ear. -2 Born under the asterism Śravaṇa. -3 Enjoined in the Veda; विधिना श्रावणेनैव कुर्यात् कर्माण्यतन्द्रितः Mb.12. 21.16. -णः 1 Name of a lunar month (corresponding to July-August). -2 A heretic. -3 An impostor. -4 Name of a Vaiśya ascetic unwittingly shot dead by king Daśaratha who was in consequence cursed by his old parents that he would die of broken-heart separated from his sons. -णम् 1 Causing to be heard. -2 Knowledge derived from hearing.

Dictionary: Apte
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