śleṣaḥ श्लेषः

Definition: श्लेषः [श्लिष्-घञ्] 1 An embrace. -2 Clinging or adhering to. -3 Union, junction, contact; निरन्तरश्लेषघनाः K. (where it has the next sense also). -4 Pun, paronomasia, double entendre, susceptibility of a word or sentence to yield two or more interpretations (regarded as a figure of speech and very commonly used by poets; for def. see K. P. Kārikas 84 and 96); आश्लेषि न श्लेषकवेर्भवत्याः श्लोकद्वयार्थः सुधिया मया किम् N.3. 69); see शब्दश्लेष also. -5 Burning. -6 Sexual union; ततो गर्भः संभवति श्लेषात् स्त्रीपुंसयोर्नृप Mb.13.111.3. -7 A grammatical augment. -Comp. -अर्थः a pun, double entendre. -उपमा a comparison containing double meanings; शिशिरांशुप्रतिद्वन्द्वि श्रीम् सुरभिगन्धि च । अम्भोजमिव ते वक्त्रमिति श्लेषोपमा स्मृता ॥ Kāv.2.28. -भित्तिक a. trusting on (lit. having for its basis) a Śleṣa.

Dictionary: Apte
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