śivā शिवा

Definition: शिवा 1 Name of Pārvatī. -2 A jackal (in general); जहासि निद्रामशिवैः शिवारुतैः Ki.1.38; हरेरद्य द्वारे शिव शिव शिवानां कलकलः Bv.1.32; R.7.5;11.61;12.39. -3 A fortunate woman. -4 Final beatitude. -5 The Śamī tree. -6 The yellow myrobalan. -7 Dūrvā grass. -8 A kind of yellow pigment. -9 Turmeric. -Comp. -अरातिः a dog. -प्रियः a goat. -फला the Śamī tree. -रुतम् the howling of a jackal (a bad omen). -विद्या divination by the cries of jackals; Buddh.

Dictionary: Apte
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