śikṣā शिक्षा

Definition: शिक्षा [शिक्ष्-भावे अ] 1 Learning, study, acquisition of knowledge; पश्य मे हयसंयाने शिक्षां केशवनन्दन Mb.3.19.5; Ki.15.36; शिक्षाविशेषलघुहस्ततया निमेषात् R.9.63. -2 Desire of being able to do anything, wish to prevail; पाण्डवः परि- चक्राम शिक्षया रणशिक्षया Ki.15.37. -3 Teaching, instruction, training; काव्यज्ञशिक्षया$भ्यासः K. P.1; अभूच्च नम्रः प्रणिपात- शिक्षया R.3.25; M.4.9. -4 One of the six Vedāṅgas, the science which teaches the proper pronunciation of words and laws of euphony; वर्णस्वराद्युच्चारणप्रकारो यत्रोप- दिश्यते सा शिक्षा Ṛigvedabhāṣya. -5 Modesty, humility. -6 Science; रणशिक्षा 'military science'; Ki.15.37. -7 Giving, bestowing (Ved.). -8 Punishment. -Comp. -अक्षरम् a sound pronounced according to the rules of शिक्षा. -आचार a. conducting one's self according to precept. -करः 1 a teacher, an instructor. -2 Name of Vyāsa -गुरुः a religious preceptor. -नरः an epithet of Indra. -रसः desire of acquiring skill (in). -शक्तिः f. skill.

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