śaṃkara शंकर

Definition: शंकर a. (-रा-री f.) [शं सुखं करोति कृ-अच्] Conferring happiness or prosperity, auspicious, propitious; भीताः शितशराभीताः शंकरं तत्र शंकरम् (मेनिरे) Ki.15.31. -रः 1 Name of Śiva. -2 Name of a celebrated teacher and author (शंकराचार्य). -री 1 Name of Pārvatī, wife of Śiva. -2 Bengal madder. -3 The Śamī tree. -Comp. -आचार्यः Name of a celebrated teacher of Vedānta philosophy and reviver of Brāhmanism. -आवासः 1 the Kailāsa. -2 camphor. -प्रियः the francoline partridge. -शुक्रम् quick-silver.

Dictionary: Apte
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