āsura आसुर

Definition: आसुर a. (-री f.) [असुरस्येदं अण् opp. दैव] 1 Belonging to Asuras. -2 Belonging to evil spirits; आसुरी माया, आसुरी रात्रिः &c. -3 Infernal, demoniacal; आसुरं भावमाश्रितः Bg.7.15 (for a full exposition of what constitutes आसुर conduct, see Bg.16.7-24). -4 Not performing sacrifices. -5 Divine, spiritual. -रः 1 A demon [स्वार्थे अण्]. -2 One of the eight forms of marriage, in which the bridegroom purchases the bride from her father or other paternal kinsmen; (see उद्वाह); आसुरो द्रविणादानात् Y.1.61; Ms.3.31. -3 (pl.) The stars of the southern hemisphere. -4 A prince of the warrior-tribe Asura. -री 1 Surgery, curing by cutting by instruments. -2 A female demon, demoness; संभ्रमादासुरीभिः Ve.1.3. -3 Name of a plant Sinapis Ramosa Roxb. (Mar. मोहरी; राई) -रम् 1 Blood. -2 Black salt.

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