āśrayaḥ आश्रयः

Definition: आश्रयः [आश्रि-अच्] 1 A resting-place, seat, substratum; सौहृदादपृथगाश्रयामिमाम् U.1.45. so आश्रयासिद्ध q. v. below. -2 That on which anything depends or rests or with which it is closely connected. -3 Recipient, receptacle, a person or thing in which any quality is present or retained &c.; तमाश्रयं दुष्प्रसहस्य तेजसः R.3.58. -4 (a) A place of refuge, asylum; shelter; भर्ता वै ह्याश्रयः स्त्रीणाम् Vet.; तदहमाश्रयोन्मूलनेनैव त्वामकामां करोमि Mu.2. (b) A dwelling, house. -5 Having recourse or resort to, resort; oft. in comp. साभूद्रामाश्रया भूयः R.12.35; नानाश्रया प्रकृतिः &c. -6 Following, practising; यो$वमन्येत ते मूले हेतुशास्त्राश्रयाद् द्विजः Ms.2.11. -7 Choosing, taking, attaching oneself to. -8 Dependence on; oft. in comp.; मम सर्वे विषयास्त्वदाश्रयाः R.8.69. -9 Patron, supporter; विनाश्रयं न तिष्ठन्ति पण्डिता वनिता लताः Udb. -1 A prop, support; वृक्षेषु विद्धमिषुभिर्जघनाश्रयेषु R.9.6. -11 Help, assistance, protection. -12 A quiver; बाणमाश्रयमुखात् समुद्धरन् R.11.26. -13 Authority, sanction, warrant. -14 Connection, relation, association. राघवाश्रयसत्कथाः Rām.6.9.93. -15 Union, attachment. -16 A plea, an excuse. -17 Contiguity, vicinity. -18 Seeking shelter or protection with another (= संश्रय), one of the six guṇas, q. v. -19 An appropriate act, or one consistent with character. -2 Source, origin. -21 (In gram.) The subject, or that to which the predicate is attached. -22 (With Buddhists) The five organs of sense with Manas or mind. -Comp. -असिद्धः, -द्धिः f. a kind of fallacy, one of the three sub-divisions of असिद्ध; (that whose substratum is false or fictitious); e. g. गगनारविन्दं सुरभि अरविन्दत्वात्सरोजारविन्दवत्, -आशः, -भुज् a. consuming everything with which it comes in contact. (-आशः, -क) 1 fire; दुर्वृत्तः क्रियते धूर्तैः श्रीमानात्म- विवृद्धये । किं नाम खलसंसर्गः कुरुते नाश्रयाशवत् ॥ Udb. -2 a. forfeiter of asylum. -3 the constellation कृत्तिका. -भूत a. one who is the refuge or support (of another person). -लिङ्गम् an adjective (a word which must agree in gender with the word which it qualifies or refers to).

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